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*~Sweet Dreams~*

Well, this morning I wrote in my real journal about my here it is...
Last night, while I was trying to sleep I started to think about what Justin was actually dreaming about. I know that most of the time he dreams about work, b/c he talks in his sleep. haha. But, then I started thinking about my dreams with him..
**wedding dreams** one of my dreams we got married again! There wasnt as much nervousness..and people werent freaking out about things as much. it was a pleasant dream.
**baby dreams** I get so attatched to these dreams, and I wake up w/my hands adjusted like im holding a baby. I've had both a girl and a boy precious. these are the dreams I enjoy the most.
**cheating dreams** I hate these! I have had them more than enough times..ick. But in these, he acts like a totally different person..which I hate. The worst part is that I still want to be w/him!
**lost dreams* I hate these as well. They are the dreams where I cant find him anywhere and I get beyond frustrated. If I do find him he's always drunk..isnt that odd?
**love/sex dreams* I dont have many of these, and I dont know why. I used to dream of it a lot when I had never had it before. When I first met him was when I had more of the "sex" dreams with him. The other night I had this dream that I was making out w/Grant! (amanda's ex) where in the hell that dream came from in beyond me. I felt so bad about it when i woke up too.
**death dreams** ive had maybe only 2 of these about justin..and I believe one was when he was overseas this past year. I just remember thinking "what am i going to do w/out him?"..awful. I have these dreams about my family..i had one about my sister and i freaked out.

So the point of this entry? I have no clue..I just find it interesting about what I dream about. I can think up some pretty crazy shit.
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