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Marlboro Lights. bad...very bad...addiction.

My day:
~got up at 4:50am to walk.
~went back to bed after Justin left.
~woke up at 10am.
~got online. drank my coffee. smoked.
~watched Felicity at noon.
~took a shower.
~Taylor came.
~cleaned. got on line some more.
~cooked dinner. cleaned up.
~took a walk with Taylor.
~did a load of laundry.
~sat here.
~went to sonic for a slushy.
***are we catching on to a pattern here? lol. Obviously, I smoke too much. My lungs: flame grilled.

Still can't decide what I want to do. It is between Health Management/Information Technology and Radiology. So..if someone could tell me what to do that would be great. :) Please leave all your comments below. I need help.
I don't know what to write about. Nothing interesting is going on in my life. Just bored as usual. I am going to make more money than my husband when I am done with school. That rocks! lol. *rawrrrr* I feel weird. Wish I could jump on my husband...but he is asleep and that would piss him off since he has to work in the morning. bleeh.
k. nothing to do. nothing to do. lah tee dah.

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