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I love.....

*when you smile
*the way I fit in your arms
*those green eyes
*waking up w/you
*singing in the car w/you
*dancing w/you
*it when we wrestle
*our traditions
*hundred kisses
*dream of me
*pinky swear
*our baby talk...that we sometimes catch ourselves doing in public
*our anniversaries
*the fact that no one thought we'd make it this far.
*the odds against us.
*looking at you
*the sex of course
*when you get pissy and i laugh at you.
*how you analyze the stupidest of things.
*that you never forget any special days.
*that im your first priority in life.
*when you hold my hand
*your tummy
*that you take playstation football seriously.
*that you have goals
*that i feel needed by you.
*that your not like most guys.
*that you picked me.
*your family
*the way you love my family
*your mind.
*your muscles
*when you sing me to sleep.
*that you know all of Jewels songs. haha.
*that you want to be the best daddy.
*your honesty
*your crazy humor
*your "sayings"
*our entire past.
*that I wouldnt change any of it.
*that you remember more than I do.
*when you get excited.
*when the car shocks you (haha)
*that you know when im lying.
*that you've always got my back.
*our nicknames
*that your my best friend
*the way you understand me
*the way you know me like a book
*that you watch my fav. shows w/me
*laying on the couch together
*your laugh
*pulling pranks on eachother.
*that im your shoulder to cry on, and your mine.
*that this list could go on and on.
*everything about you
*that you love me.

for my justin. :)

....the song im listening to fits us perfectly when i first met him......
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