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its been a long time..

since I actually wrote an entry. I've been a busy girl. Well it was finally time to leave Illinois, and I was very excited to be coming back to my apartment. I missed just being by myself and my routines. My friends were also coming back with me so that was a plus. We had a awesome time just hanging out, catching up, and acting stupid. I drank 3 nights in a row and just let me say I wont be doing that again any time soon. I just feel so gross the next day and I hate it. It was fun being drunk though. lol. bad me. We swam a lot and my muscles hurt like hell so that wasnt cool. I also bashed my head on the side of the pool, while playing "chicken fight" drunk. I was pretty much in pain last week, but when I drank that all went away and I just got hurt even more. lol. funny how that works 'eh? Amanda had bruises all up and down her leg..we are some rough girlies! I wish they lived here though, I miss them already. We would probably all get on each others nerves eventually..but then again when I think about it..I really don't know. Amanda and I are one in the same so when we get pissed we get pissed and then we just forget about it. It works out great. Waking up with Rachel in the morning wouldn't be cool though, because shes the biggest bitch in the morning. We'd probably have a slap fight. hahaha. nah. Amiee and I would never fight we just give each other weird looks every now and then. conclusion with my friends being here..we had a great time and I just can't wait until next time we can all be together. Oh, and if we all did live together..we'd just have to have 4 different stereos. haha...and 4 girls getting ready w/one bathroom isnt cool. We had to wake up like 4 hours before we even went somewhere. lol. fun times. If they all had their own apartments here it would rock. So, Amanda and Rachel left on Saturday and I was on my way to take Amiee halfway to Georgia. Well to make a long story short her fiance got lost or something and I took her to the border of Georgia..almost to Savannah. It was a looong trip back and I had nothing to drink and didn't feel like stopping so I just kept on smoking. Interesting concept isnt it? I miss home, I miss my friends...and Justin and I are wondering if this military thing is for us. Sometimes I can see myself living there forever..but then again I'm just like ick..I don't know about this. Who knows where our road will take us....we shall see.
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