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the past 2 days...

have felt like a big dream now. It's weird. I went to the zoo and had lots of fun, got burnt, and walked about 30 miles it felt like (up hill!)...I didn't bring any water this time (I have no clue what I was thinking) so I was thirsty most of the time...I had a school lunch w/some mystery meat..but hey it was good! haha. Reminded me of the school club sandwiches we used to have back in the day..those were good. I miss our cafeteria food...I'm so weird, but damn I loved that stuff. haha. Amiee and I were talking the other day about what if we went down to the cafeteria to get one of those awesome sandwiches and if they would say something to us. haha. It would be funny. I want to go back to high school please. :) It was just a big social event to me.
Yesterday, I laid out for a couple hours and burnt some more. haha. I want a tan of course. People keep calling me "rudolph" (because my nose is all red) but thats okay...b/c pretty soon it will be tan! whoohoo. plus, my make up covers it up anyways. Then I went to Mi Casita (i dont know if thats spelled right, but its a mexican restaraunt..and had some margarita's. yummmmm. I got a little tipsy and of course was made fun of because I'm such a light weight...but yah I hardly ever drink. Anyways, those were good. :)
Today, I must clean up some and be lazy. Tomorrow, I must clean for real..and I mean really really good because I hate coming home to a dirty house b/c thats just gross anyways...and I have to pack and get everything ready to leave at 2:00am on Tuesday. Yay!!! I'm so excited to go home, its what I need right now...b/c I don't feel like myself...and I'm ready to go back to the place that I hated for so many years. haha life is funny. I know I'll be ready to come back in like 3 days..but oh well. I hope I have fun.
Oh. I must praise Justin right here. I couldn't believe what he did for me...actually, it made me cry! I got home from the zoo sooo tired, expecting to clean the house and having to make dinner but when I got in the house he was so excited to show me all that he had done. let me list:
living room was cleaned. dishes were done. he cleaned out our hall closet. cleaned out all of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen *gasp!*. mopped the floors in the kitchen and bathroom. cleaned the bathroom. cleaned the bedroom and made the bed (the only thing I asked him to do). changed the filter in our heater/air conditioner. dusted. CAN YOU BELIEVE ALL THAT?!!! I praised him like he was a god after he did all of that..and it was totally unexpected! oh, and he cleaned out the whole car as well. It was so nice of him to do all of that for me, and now I have less to do tomorrow, which is quite nice. He can be such a sweetie sometimes. haha. :) Anyways, that was my praise on Justin..hope you all enjoyed!!! 1 more day of work and he's off for like 2 weeks, yay!!!!!! I can't wait, I love him not tired.
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