December 15th, 2002


Illinois...never changes.

Whoohoo! I'm using my grandpa's new laptop and I must say I need one of these things!!! It's so awesome!
Anyways, so I am home. We got here fine, just a little snow...but it was pretty. We were exhausted last night. Today was my brothers birthday and my grandparent's anniversary (46 years! yikes) ... so we went out for dinner and all that fun stuff.
So yep, I'm going to keep this short. I am having Live Journal withdrawals big time though...I went back and read everything and I must say that was a lot of entries. lol. I hope everyone is doing good and I miss you all.

ps: Niki, I am praying for you girlie..I hope everything goes well at the doctors tomorrow. I will be thinking about you. *hugs*
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