August 25th, 2002



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Woman. 21. Brown hair, blonde highlights, blue/green eyes. Tall? Married to Justin. Loves to read, write, chat online, hang out, watch movies, scrapbooking, loves Jewel. I love myself sometimes. ************************************** I thought that I could not be hurt; I thought that I must surely be impervious to suffering--- immune to mental pain or agony. My world was warm with April sun my thoughts were spangled gren and gold; my sour filled up with joy, yet felt the sharp, sweet pain that only joy can hold... Then suddenly my world turned gray, and darkness wiped aside my joy. A dull and aching void was left where careless hands had reached out to destroy ~*my silver web of happiness....*~ -Sylvia Plath
Strengths: God. Justin. Family. Friends. Honest. Loyal. My mind. I'm loving and caring. I can be your friend for life...good at keeping in touch. Funny. (at least to amanda) I am loved. I try to be a strong person, even at the worst of times. I know everything happens for a reason.
Weaknesses: soda. cigs. jealousy. selfish. fast food....and other things I'm sure. oh im shy at first. People tend to tell me I am quiet...but I like being quiet? I don't like to be alone, bitchy at times, moody...but then again I'm just a girl.
Special Skills: *I have morals* I can type really fast.. I can write. special skills in the bedroom. lol.. can't think of any more. oh wait...I can walk and talk at the same time! whoohoo. *and chew gum.
Weapons: my pretend gun. my big ass. Justin. My friends.
~*Motto*~: Society often forgives the criminal, it never forgives the *dreamer*. -Oscar Wilde. *Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never ends*

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