August 17th, 2002


Top Sail Island....

I am home! I got home Friday, but my family didn't leave until today..and now I have time to post. I slept all day. whoops. Oh well, it was the first time I have slept in, in like two weeks and Monday I go back to waking up at 5 am. I'm not looking forward to it, but I need my walks. I feel like I weigh 900lbs.
My Vacation
We left Monday night, after I was done watching Taylor, so we got there at about 8 pm. We didn't do much except get settled in and walked down to get some ice cream at this little place. The beach was beautiful. I can't really explain it, but it was so nice and peaceful there. Just the sounds of the waves crashing will make you sleep so well. It's comforting I guess. We were right on the beach, I mean you could jump off our balcony and be in the sand. I sat many times on the balcony just thinking and looking at was so pretty...enough said. haha. The next day we spent the day on the beach. Just being beach bums I guess. Justin and my brother had tons of fun with their rafts and riding the waves. They thought that was the best. I don't really like to get in the water all the way, so I just sat on the shore and let the water come to me. There was hardly anyone even on the beach, I think that was the nicest thing of all. That night we went to see the rest of my family that I had not seen in years (they were staying down the road). Justin and I went with her boyfriend and her to play miniature golf. That was a lot of fun, I wish we had one of those around here. This is actually the town (Fayetteville) where miniature golf first started, but we don't seem to have one anymore, isn't that interesting? The next day we went and looked around at the sights. Well, that is what we had planned to do, but it seems that everything there is closed on Wednesday. I have no clue why, but it is. So, we went and shopped some, went to a bookstore and got some smoothies, and then went out to dinner. We went to this place like 30 minutes away, but it was yummy. That night Justin and I took a walk a long the beach and looked at the stars, and then walked up on the pier. It was so beautiful, I could do that every day. I also beat Justin at pool that night, he couldn't believe it when I hit like 5 balls in a row. haha. Thursday, was the most eventful day, we went deep sea fishing. It was from 7 am to almost 7 pm. It was definitely an experience, but I will never do it again. Once I got past being sea sick, it was fun. We caught a lot of fish (fish very different than the ones back home in Illinois), saw some dolphins (which i got very excited about and got pictures!!), my mom caught a mean eel that was very scary looking, and this other guy on the boat caught this 30lb fish, and I must say that was one ugly fish. I was hoping to see a shark, but I didn't. :( I got sick, burnt, and I smelled like nasty fish...but I must say it was a lot of fun. Why not try everything once 'eh? When we got home we then again went out to dinner at the next place over called "Surf City" and the place we ate at was awful. I will never ever eat there again. The service was shit too, and for like the first time in my life I told Justin not to tip this girl. I mean, I at least usually give two dollars because I was once a waitress and know how it is, but this girl had just our table. I was mad. When we get the ticket, she had already included her tip. She got lucky. We were so exhausted from the fishing that we all went to bed as soon as well got home from eating. I was still swaying like I was on the boat that whole night. Annoying. Then, it was Friday and time to go home. I didn't really want to leave and go back to my life. Even though my life is really easy and wonderful, but being there is much different. I miss the wind and I don't know... I just felt so safe there. It really was a wonderful place and now my parents want to go there every year. Actually, they want to move there..but yah that isn't going to happen. I miss them already, especially my brother and sister. I miss being around them all the time.
In other news..
There are 14 openings in Guam for Justin's job and rank. Maybe we will get lucky? Hopefully, we will go somewhere. I'm about sick of this place. Justin got Madden 2003, so he's been playing that since he has been home from work. His birthday is in a couple of weeks, don't know what I'm going to do for that one. He doesn't really get excited about his birthday. I have a lump behind my ear, don't know what it is. I figured it would go away, but it isnt. I have lots of pictures to post, so be prepared sometime soon! I want a digital camera, and amanda got one for 40 dollars at wal-mart, i'll have to look into that one. I am tired. thee end.
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