August 12th, 2002


going away until friday...

I decided to update since it feels like forever ago. I don't even remember my last entry..i'll have to look. bleh. I got on here and looked at my friends page...well I had to go back four whole pages to start from where I left up. Ya'll were some updating fools. I enjoyed reading them all though! The most interesting where from babyinga and knicole ofcourse..b/c of there constant need for sex. I can't wait for their husbands to get home! haha. (j/k girls!)
My family has been here since early saturday and we have had a lot of fun so far. We really havent done much, just swimming and hanging out. Yesterday, we went to the Airborne Museum and they liked that a lot. I'm glad they are having fun. They have already headed for the beach and getting everything in our place ready (food and etc.) and tonight after I'm done watching Taylor (shes napping now) then we are heading down there! I'm so excited to just be relaxing down at the beach. The thing with my family is: they wake up at the crack of dawn. I hate that. ugh. Oh well, what can I do? haha. They have bought me a lot of stuff though and I'm like please stop! My mom brought me 4 cherished teddies when she came, but I already had two of them. I guess we have the same taste. haha. They are so cute though. She found them at a yard sale in perfect condition! They have also cooked us breakfast the past two mornings...and not just some cereal, but the good breakfast that consists of country ham, scrambled eggs, grits, toast, biscuits. mmmm. Theres nothing like it. haha. Lots of grease!
Well, nothing else has been going on. Enjoying my time with my family. Hope everyone is doing well and I will miss you all very much!
I hope everything is fine w/amanda and amiee, b/c I havent heard from ya'll in awhile. l u both. :)