August 7th, 2002


nap time.

Taylor is napping. I am all caught up in emails and reading journal entries, my house is some what clean, the trash is out, lunch is over, cartoons are off..and now it is quiet. It is such a pretty day out. Its not hot at all. My windows are open and the door is the breeze is quite nice.
Went to the doctors, she said I looked healthy. She said I was also going to have small babies. Interesting. Thats a good thing though. Got on some new pills, low estrogen, so hopefully that will make the headaches stop and if not..then I have to get off birth control all together. Something, involving a stroke. These pills are only 92% effective instead of the ones I had before that are 95%. Im a little scared about that, just hoping I dont get pregnant. I'm worried about going to be a bad mother now. Since I have started watching Taylor I have been completely exhausted. So now Im scared, I dont know how mothers do it. Everyone makes it look so easy! Well enough of my rantings.