August 5th, 2002


adventures in babysitting...

they just need to bring back the cartoons that i watched when I was little. Most of these are bleh. Who in the heck created that stupid JJ the jet plane cartoon...and dragon not too fond of that crap. Right now we are watching Sesame Street and I must say thank god. Its the best. At least they teach you stuff. bleh. Everything is going well so far. Right now, she is writing her letters and numbers. We are going to go swimming in about another hour and then its lunch time, nap time..and then around 1pm I think we are going to Old Navy. She is being really good and she is very well mannered. She says "yes mam" to everything and I just find that completely insane! haha. Kids dont do that kind of stuff these days yah know. Well, enough for now I have to get back to her letters. :)
Oh btw..I walked at 5 am this morning and it was quite nice.