August 4th, 2002


sunday bloody sunday.

Today was very uneventful. Yeah, it is I guess there isn't a lot to do 'eh? There is never anything to do anyways. Boredom is constant, and I have grown accustom to this. I woke up at noon, usually I would feel bad about that..but it was my last day to sleep in. I start walking and babysitting tomorrow. I wake up at 5 am to walk, and at 7 am Taylor will be here. I hope to have a fun day! I went to Micheal's today and bought some pretty flowers to go in a vase. I am moving things around, and putting those flowers on the top of my desk. They are so pretty...I keep looking at them. hehe. Robin cooked everyone fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn tonight. It was very good...and I didn't have to cook so I was in heaven. Nothing else special going on in my life..orders are coming in again soon..lets see what happens with that. Probably nothing, I think we are going to live here forever. haha. Kill me now. Did I mention that my new neighbor is a coke head? Yeah, isnt that lovely. Must make up a plan to get her kicked out. I'm not fond of drug addicts. I can handle the pot, but when you go past that...I have no use for you. I shouldn't be so judge mental, well yeah I should. That crap just causes problems, and well, she has only been here a week and caused all kinds of problems. I met a girl today that has met Jewel, I about passed out. haha. I have some serious issues. Anyways, thats all I know for now. I have to smoke outside thats probably where I will be heading. I need to calm down with the chain smoking. My lungs are about to quit on me. haha.
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