August 3rd, 2002


dont speak.

Tonight was entertaining with all the drunks and whores across the way. Red light special up in this place and across the patio. lol. Oh, and they are also cocaine users. Isn't that lovely? I know God has placed me with some really awesome neighbors, but every now and then we get some really messed up ones. I can't even begin to tell you the stories on this one. Ugh. Well, now I am chatting on line with amanda, being bored, and smoking more than I should..and in my house..(I was trying to quit that today) I did good all day and most of the night, but I just cant handle sitting here chatting and not being able to have a cig. I am pathetic. haha. Maybe not pathetic, more like addicted. Bad never start smoking. ;)
I'm frustrated with school thoughts, children thoughts, and basically just my future in general. I need to go to college for something I guess. It's the cool thing to do these days. blah. Just want to have a wonderful, loving husband always right beside me, and my friends. That is all that I believe I need. These days it seems like you have to go to college in order to be *someone*. Well, let me tell you..I know plenty of people that have went to college and I don't think I am any less of a person. k thanks. enough of ranting on my future. I just need to get my rear in gear! I got a new picture to put up, but I need Amiee in order to do that. I'm sick of my picture I have now, it gets on my nerves. Plus, its from last Christmas.
I am listening to this song and it just makes me want to start playing a piano. I need to learn how to do that, although I'd much rather play the guitar. I need to invest some time to like Jewel. rofl. Well, this whole entry is for amanda...b/c she wanted something to read. too bad we have talked about everything i just wrote in here

thanks to amiee for the new picture. just thought i'd tell you in advance. ;)
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the fairytale of pikuangel and tim otter quirk

Once upon a time...a long, long time ago. There lived a girl named Pikuangel. She was no ordinary girl, but yet magical in each and every way. (she did have psycho tendencies, but we will leave those out) She had been heart broken for too many years and thought she would end up an old maid. One would think that she could just use her magical powers to create the man of her dreams, but she wasn't that kind. She believed in true, unexplainable love. The love that made her fall on her knees, the love that never ends.
One day, while surfing on her internet browser...she came across this man. His name was Tim Otter Quirk. He didn't seem like any ordinary man. He seemed unlike the rest. He was different from all the men in her town. He was a writer. This seemed to intrigue her so she messaged him one night. They began to chat, and it seemed like they hit it off instantly. Pikuangel went to visit the Queen in North Carolina and asked her what she thought of this. The Queen was very pleased, and told her to pursue this man. He was all she could talk about, and before she had left to go back home, the Queen told her: "You will marry this one" and pikuangel just shown the twinkle in her eye.
Now, this story isn't all lovey dovey. There was an evil prince that was around this whole time. Trying to manipulate. The Queen warned her of this happening, but once again pikuangel had her own mind. Everyone told her, even Ms. Josephine the star gazer. He was not the true love she had been waiting for. He only wanted her for his own selfish needs. Now, this hurt Tim Otter Quirk very much that Pikuangel would even think of being with the evil prince. He couldn't believe it. He felt it with her, how could anyone else? It was magical. He in turn, was crushed.
Pikuangel broke from her spell once again and didn't know what to do. Had she lost her one true love? Had she lost a wonderful friend? She was once again heartbroken.
The Queen then went to Ms. Josephine (the star gazer) and asked her if she could do something so that both of their stars would be in the same place for just one day, and then they would both realize. That is what she did. Tim Otter Quirk was on his way to Chicago, and Pikuangel was only three hours away. It was the best Ms. Josephine could do.
Pikuangel waited for the day he would arrive, it felt like years. Finally, it was the day. She got in her carriage and off she went to meet this Tim Otter Quirk. Will it be love? She asked herself over and over again. They pulled up and there he was. Standing with his hands behind his back, his hair just perfect, his eyes gleaming in the sunlight. It was love at first sight. They ran into each others arms, kissed, hugged, and never wanted to let go. Finally, she new what true love was. Finally, she had her lucky day. She deserved it all and much much more. I could tell you the rest of their life, but then again...what fun would that be? I will just have to say....
~and they lived happily ever after.


(i just want to state that this is the way I see it. No other parties words were used in this..just want to make that clear. )