August 2nd, 2002



Did I mention my future sister in law is a model? Yeah. She got 350 dollars for modeling for an hour at Dillards. Their back to school catalog I guess. Why cant I wear like a size 1 so I can make money like that! haha. Its a good thing I think shes awesome, otherwise I'd be quite jealous! Anyways, this morning I was suppose to go golfing with Justin, but I decided to stay home and clean. It was gross in this place. There was dust everywhere, and I just had to make it all go away before I freaked out. I still have dishes to do, vacuum and wash windows. I am on my lovely break right now. I need to shower as well, I feel nasty! Cleaning sucks. Amanda, come back so I don't have to clean again! haha. It seems like when she is here, I just forget about it...but when no one is here its all I can think about! I went to bed at 10:30pm and I woke up at 3:30am ready to get up! I made myself go back to bed though until 8am. I got too much sleep though, tired.
Justin and I spent the whole day out doing nothing. We woke up and got to Wal-Mart at about 10am to get all new tires and our oil changed (thank god for credit cards). Our car didn't get done until like 1pm. So we spent a majority of our day walking and looking around Wal-Mart. Good thing they have a McDonalds in there. Then we came home for a couple hours and then decided to go out and look around at stuff. We went to Dick's, Sport Authority, and the mall. Justin was looking for some kind of golf club. Then we went to Jersey Mikes for dinner (and just let me say I am sticking to my "veggie" subs..b/c all that turkey about made me vomit) and then to the new Wal-Mart to buy some things..and then we finally came home. Quite an eventful day for me. haha. We need to get out much more though, I had a lot of fun.
Well, thats about all I know. I don't want to clean anymore and I don't want to go to the Dr's anymore on Tuesday. I get so nervous! I don't know why..I'm sure she has seen many other thingies before yah know? haha.
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