July 27th, 2002


yah. i dont understand this, but here yah go.


From the Ancient Egyptian root meaning "Constant Masturbator"
Amy knows nothing about anything.
Amy wants to be an EC dancer.

Amy collects body-parts.

Amy detests happy people.

Amy whines to get attention.

Amy doesn't wash their hands.

Amy is rude and disruptive.

Amy strives to make others cry.

to do this go to http://www.geocities.com/boobooslunch/namegame.htm

and before you know it...saturday is gone.

What did I do today? a whole lot of nothing. I woke up about 11am, drank my coffee..got online..and smoked too many cigs. Justin got called into work (whoops I wasn't suppose to answer the phone) and then I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. We need to move. I feel cluttered in this one bedroom apartment, and I can't wait until we have a two bedroom one..so we can have an "office" kind of thing. I must say though, this apartment is quite spacious for a one bedroom. Well, to me it is. Justin was talking about moving into a two bedroom down the street..so lets hope he keeps that state of mind! haha. I would love to actually have a table to eat on, instead of the coffee table in the living room. There are also dishwashers down there..thank the lord. I hate doing dishes. There are also like 7 closets..and 1 walk in closet. Wouldn't that be a dream? rofl. Well for me it is! It doesnt take much to please me. I would prefer to move though to a whole different state. Why can't they just move us already. I hate this place sometimes. I love my friends here, dont get me wrong, but this whole city just gets to me. bleh.
Tonight I am going to McDonalds. It's like an event! ROFL. I can not wait to get my hands on some fries and a burger. mmmmmm. Its 2 for 2! lol. I am so bad, someone please control my eating out disorder. My arteries are clogged .
Well, Justin is playing playstation and no one is online to chat with and I'd have to say tonight is one of the most boring nights I have had in a long time.
Oh, and I'm not going to start watching Taylor this week, but the next..b/c she couldn't get out of her daycare for another week. bastards! I was looking forward to watching her this week too. ahh well. I need to find another babysitting job b/c when school starts I will only have Taylor from 2:30-5:30, unless her mom works late. I would like to have someone to watch all day. Keep me busy! Who knows what may come my way.
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