July 26th, 2002


Jewel was on Leno tonight...and my was she awesome.

Yesterday (rofl. to amiee)
Justin and I went to Olive Garden and it was sooo good. I love that place like no other. I had my "heart attack on the plate" and then took the left overs home and ate it again last night. whoops! haha. Then we went to Old Navy, where I spent all of my money. I bought 5 shirts and 3 pairs of pants (a pair of capri's, jeans, and some pajama pants) and a pair of flip flops. All together, I think I did a really good job.

We sat around all day doing nothing and then decided to go get the car inspected. That took a whole 5 minutes. Then we went to get quarters for laundry and some sonic. Yum. Eating out 2 days in a row: bad deal. Then we just laid on the couch together and watched television, played on the computer, wrestled (and again he was too rough with me!), spied on the new neighbor, and then he went to sleep. I then ate some more bad stuff. Robin (my neighbor) made a cake so I ate some of that, looked at Amber's scrapbook (which she has managed to do in 4 days of her whole trip in Europe) and its huge! ps: she talked to that guy i hooked her up with (thanks to *knicole1979*) for 2 hours! whoohoo.

I am sitting here. Thinking of what I have to do tomorrow. I need to call H & R Block and see how we are going to do this tax crap for babysitting (we have to b/c of child support). Take Amber to the airport for her trip to Texas. Remember to pick her up on Tuesday at 11:30 pm. I feel incredibly bad for yelling at amanda, b/c I know its not what she needs right now...considering a lot of people are mad at her *it involves tj..eek. I just don't want to see her unhappy and all depressed, she deserves one hundred percent more than what he offers her. I swear. I got a little carried away though, but I am a blunt person and I have a hard time holding myself back. I should have though. bleh. My mind is going crazy. sorry sneed...you know i love yah.

I hope you enjoyed all the bold amiee..i should have done the whole entry like this. lol. oh btw. pls make me a bracelet. ;)


a lovely day.

Justin was a complete sweetheart today. We were watching television..when all of the sudden, he turns it off and gets up and does the dishes. This is not a common thing and I must say I about passed out. haha. He cleaned out our can goods cabinet and then tells me "I'm going to make you dinner tonight!" So..I wasn't going to argue with that. haha. He made steak, macaroni and cheese, and corn. It was very good and much appreciated on my part! Then..he takes me out for ice cream at diary queen! You would think he did something bad 'eh? haha. I guess he is just making up to me for being a complete ass the week Amanda was here. Who knows...but he gets in "moods" like that were he decides to do all this stuff for me. He made sure I sat on the couch the whole time that he was doing everything and even got me something to drink when I wanted. I felt weird about it though, like I needed to do something! He should have been like that the day I was really sick and needed him, instead of complaining though yah know? bleh. Anyways, isnt he just the best? haha. Well I love him and I think so. These days off that he has had have been so nice and fun...I hate it when he works, we should just live off food stamps. lol. j/k! Yah know whats really sad? I actually know of people that do that back in Illinois, they live off welfare and drive mustangs. Lazy bastards! I'm afraid if we were soo poor to the extent of living off welfare, I would definitely work anywhere that I possibly could. Now, I can understand some cases...but the ones I have seen..just get a damn job. I'm one to talk right? lol. I have a husband though who takes care of me and believe me if we needed money and didn't have money to eat I would most certainly work. How did I get on this subject? lol.
A lot of things have been happening here where I live. I'm sure everyone has heard of Ft.Bragg now b/c of the news and our base is right next to it. Soldiers have been killing their wives and its just a huge ordeal (there have been 4 murders in 6 weeks)...because people are now saying that the military isnt giving the soldiers the support that they need. bullshit. Its there, you just have to go get it. Anyways, if you kill your spouse..I'm afraid you have more problems in your head than anyone can help. My personal opinion anyways. Its just a really sad thing because they all had kids I believe and I just feel so bad for the families and friends involved. I didn't know any of them. It's all that is on the news here..so its basically all I can think about. I can't believe someone else took another little girl and killed her. What the hell is wrong with people!?!? I worry about my little sister all the time now and I hate it. God help us all.
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