July 24th, 2002



yep thats me. bored. Its 3:30..and I have everything done. My apartment is pretty much clean, I didn't vacuum though..that needs to be done some time. I'll save that for tomorrow. I took my bath and put on my face...and now I have nothing to do except sit on the internet and talk about my life. No one is on to chat with either. lovely. Amanda bought me the "Venus" razor and I have to say I love that thing. It is so much better than those disposable razors I was using. Isn't she the best? She brought me Biolage shampoo and conditioner as well! She loves me :) Need to come back sneed...
Tonight I am going shopping, and I am quite excited about it. Yah, I know..it does not take much to excite me. lol. I just hope I find stuff that I like, b/c if not...that is going to suck. I want to go to the Olive Garden, so I think I'm going to use some of that money so Justin and I can go out for dinner. Don't tell grandma! lol. She told me right away "ONLY use that money for clothes." I think she knows me all too well.
I have to go to the clinic in 2 weeks..I hate it and I'm counting down the days. I have a new doctor lady and I am hoping she isn't rough. The last one I had was a little too rough for me. I'm going to talk with her about different birth control and migraine medicine. Hopefully, she will help me and wont say...."I am not your primary doctor, you will have to schedule an appointment with her" If she does, I'm going to tell her to shove it up her ass. hahaha. I mean I can't ever get a damn appointment with my doctor..she is always full and I don't think I can handle this birth control anymore. Its evil!
Thats it.