July 22nd, 2002



well if it isnt one thing..its another. I'd like to have one day where something in my body does not hurt. Usually, I have a headache (which im hoping to get medicine for at the clinic) if I dont have one of those..my stomach hurts..and if not that I have acid reflux...and tonight my damn contact was all messed up and now my eye hurts. My body is like the body of someone that is 50 I swear. Ugh.
On a better note, my day was quite lovely. Amber came home and we had pizza together (i'm not very fond of domino's pizza now by the way. yuck) then I went down to her house and looked at pictures (all 13 rolls of them!) of her trip to Europe. It looks like she had a very nice time and I'm quite jealous..b/c I want to see that stuff! haha. She bought me the prettiest ring while she was there. I was not expecting it at all and I about cried! It is so beautiful. Its a "friendship" ring (at least I think that is what she said b/c I was still in shock) and she has one kind of like it! I think that was the nicest thing I have had done for me in a long time. She got it for me just because I took care of her apartment and bills for her while she was gone. It was so nice of her and I love it so much. Thank you Amber!!! *hugs*
I watched Sex & The City when I got home and it was good...except for the sailors. Sorry, but I'm an Air Force girl..and I think the dress blues look much better. haha. :P
Justin and I basically just played the whole time we were together...he made me laugh so hard I think I cracked my rib. lol. He's such a retard though, I can't help but to laugh! I think he might have a 3 day weekend this week, that will be nice. :) Even though we dont have any money to do anything, but oh well...we will just be together and hopefully there will be some movies on television...or maybe we could just break down and go rent one. I really want to see black hawk down and I know he wants to see it too. Who knows. Its just money right? yah.
My family is getting everything ready to come down here. I am so excited to be staying out at the beach, just b/c I haven't done that since I was little! We are going to do a lot of things while they are here...like visit different museums and historical sites, my brother wants to fish, and my mom just wants to have a really nice dinner at some seafood place...that's what she is looking forward too! haha. I just want to relax and drink margaritas all week. It should be lots of fun...but I will be w/out my internet! Oh well, need to get off this piece for awhile anyways. We haven't done anything as a complete family in a very long time, so this will be nice.
I can't wait until I start to babysit!! $$$$$$ ...well not a lot, but extra money is quite nice!
I really don't know what else to say...my great grandma is dying so that is quite sad. She is so old though, and has lived a wonderful life..so I'm hoping god will just take her and not let her suffer anymore. I will miss her though..I should have went to see her more. :( May god bless her.
Enough for tonight, I have nothing more to say I don't think. I really don't have anything to do tomorrow..I should have went and got some quarters to do some laundry..but blah that can wait.
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