July 20th, 2002


here i am.

I havent updated in awhile, but I have been here! Amanda was down again and we had a lot of fun doing nothing. It's amazing how we can just sit here and just chat and laugh about nothing at all. We only went swimming like twice the whole time she was here, but it was gloomy and we really didnt feel like getting out of our pajama's. We are some lazy girls. Anyways, I really don't know anything else. I am bored and I have 2 more hours before I pick Justin up at work. I hate having to take him to work in the morning if I need the car....I can't wait until he gets that stupid truck! I'm going to start babysitting the week after the next..so it will give me something to do and bring in some extra money that we can waste. hahaha. I need new clothes and new shoes. I need everything right now I think. My parents are coming August 10-17th and we are going to Top Sail Island and staying on the beach. I can not wait to get out of this stupid town!!

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well this sucks. My head hurts once again..only going on the 2nd week in a row now that it has hurt like every single day! Justin has managed to piss me off once again, which has been like the 10th time this week it feels like..and all together I'd have to say I'm having one hell of a month here. I feel stressed, annoyed, and above them all psychotic. Isn't that just peachy? bleh.