July 16th, 2002


a lovely survey brought to you by amanda marie.

1. Full Name: Amy Lynn
2. Age: 21
3. Birthday: February 7
4. Birthplace: Ellwood City, PA
5. Eye color: Blue/Green
6. Height: 5'7-5'8
7. Hair Color: brownish w/some blonde.

8. Ran with scissors? probably.
9. stolen a cookie? hmm. probably as well.
10. Gone 20+ miles over the speed limit? yah. i got a ticket for that shit too.
11. tripped over nothing? yah. i trip over everything.
12. had your wisdom teeth taken out? nope.
13. made a free throw? yah.
14. gotten a migraine and/or and ice cream headache? i get migraines like a bitch k.
15. had a part time job? yep.
16. lost your wallet? rofl. yah amiee threw it out the window in Kentucky.
17. ridden "The Titan" at six flags? nope. i dont think we have that ride at ours?
18. gotten car sick? yah.
19. seen the movie "the fox and the hound"? aww. so cute.
20. had milk come out your nose? ouchie. yah.
21. been in love? I am.
22. found money you weren't expecting in the pocket of an article of clothing you haven't worn in awhile? yah. i love it.
23. ridden on a train? the ones at zoo's. lol
24. been to church? yes. havent been in awhile though. im bad.
25. read the last page of a book before you've actually gotten there? yep. i do that all the time. what is wrong w/me!
26. read "the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe? nope. the "smart" kids read that though.
27. had a bad camping experience? hmm. nah.
28. worn a W.W.J.D bracelet? nope.
29. Been told by a teacher not to lean back in your chair? no.

30. Chicken? fried chicken: nasty....chicken breast: yum. chicken nuggets: yum.
31. marriage? its lovely.
32. George w. bush? he gives us raises so yay!
33. The gap? my fav. store.
34. The person(s) who sent this survey to you? stole it from amanda.
35. Polyester? dont know about that one.
36. Columbus Day? yah. we got off school for that one.
37. The show "saved by the bell"? i have seen every episode.
38. movie theaters? like sneed said: i need to go more often.
39. Germany? HOOT!
40. the olive garden? omg..my favorite place to eat!
41. abortion? bleh.
42. MADD (moms against drunk driving)? nice. you shouldnt drive drunk.
43. the number 43? id like to have $43 extra dollars.
44. death metal? yikes.
45. your first period teacher? uhh. i had a lot of those.
46. eye brow rings? not for me.
47. fishing? I like to fish!
48. visiting grandparents? love it.

49. took a shower? this afternoon.
50. cried? tonight.
51. played football? w/justin.
52. prayed? last night.
53. took a road trip? in june.
54. visited another state? i was in Illinois in June.
55. made your bed? this morning.
56. wore a Band-Aid? not since I was young.
56. what are you wearing? a pink t-shirt and my silky pink heart pajama pants.
57. what time is it? 9:36
58. is your mouth open or closed? closed
59. are you cold/hot/comfortable? cold. amanda and justin freeze me out in here.
60. what song is in your head, or what song are you listening to? these american idols singing.

61. Movie you saw? serendipity.
62. person(S) you talked to? amanda.
63. words you heard? 'you better call and vote for her"
64. thing you ate? hot dog.
65. TV show you watched? american idol is on.

66. what do you look for in the opposite sex? honest. loyal. loveable, funny, and keeps money in my pocket. rofl j/k!
67 who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend? mike.
68. who was your first crush? jason b.
69. would you rather marry somebody gorgeous and poor, or ugly and rich? eeek. i wouldnt pick either of those..b/c I would want someone w/a personality k.
70. who is the most good looking cartoon character? Ariel.
71. How do you feel about guys holding doors open for girls? i dont get that often...but he could start anytime now.
72. how do you feel about interracial dating? its fine w/me.
73. where would you go for a perfect date? uhh. anywhere would work for me right now.

74. color? purple.
75. shampoo? biolage (cuz amanda brought it for me!)
76. candy? starbursts. (me and amanda have 4 packs of those right now.)
77. number? 7
78. Quote? love is patient. love is kind. (its in the bible)
79. Actor/actress? josh hartnett, tom hanks, tom cruise, brad pitt, meg ryan, julia roberts, julia stiles (rofl sneed)
80. crayon? purple.
81. band? too many.
82. CD? pieces of you -jewel.
83. baseball team? cardinals.
84. teacher? mr. matthews. lol.
85. class? english.
86. book? the bell jar - sylvia plath.

87. Are your good friends? amanda, amiee, amber, tabitha, emmy.
88. Do you admire? mom
89. Makes you laugh? manda and amiee.
90. makes you mad? justin..and my family sometimes.
91. makes fun of you? everyone! lol.
92. still has your CD that you let them borrow? amy whitten still has my NIN cd I let her borrow when I was like a freshman or sophomore.
93. got you the coolest Christmas present? justin. he got my engagement ring for me then.
94. is most likely to respond to this? Ella.
95. is most likely to delete this before he/she reads it? Amiee would. haha.

96. are you sick of this survey? nope. i like to chat about myself.
98. would you ever read a book entitled "nobody likes me"? yah.
97. were you adopted? nope. but I have felt like I was.
98. are there better things you could be doing with your time than what you are doing now? rofl. im suprised Sneed didn't answer that one. YES.
99. what the grossest thing you've ever eaten? Salmon.
100. what gets on your nerves? jussy not letting me smoke pot. ROFL ROFL. JUST KIDDING.
101. what makes you happy? a lot of things. :)