July 12th, 2002


marriage 101

haha. I crack myself up w/my titles. I know I'm a dork, but blah. I have had one heck of a day...that consisted of constant arguing. First of all, last night I had the worst headache in the world and got very sick and well this morning I woke up feeling even worse. I didn't have a headache thank god...but I have had the worst stomach ache and well it just doesnt seem to want to go away. Well, I didn't want to cook dinner tonight because I feel like I'm going to throw up when I stand up and actually do something. Justin got pissed about this and says "you are always sick", and well then I get even more pissed and we just break out into this huge fight all about nothing really. I just wanted to be taken care of and act like a baby. Eventually, he cooks tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and I didn't think he was cooking any for me..so then I get even more pissed and start going off again. Like saying "I do everything for you, and you don't do shit for me and blah blah blah". Well he was cooking me the soup. whoops! I refused to eat the soup though....until later. Anyways, it was just a bunch of crap and it made it even worse because I am sick. We had a long talk, which makes me feel ten times better (and him too I'm sure) and then we made up. awww. lol. Oh, and another lesson I learned today from our marriage is not to ask my husband if he wants a divorce..b/c that seriously pisses him off. haha. Well everything is fine and dandy now and I still love him more than I did yesterday. I can't live with him sometimes...but I can't live with out him either. hahaha. bleh. Amanda is coming tomorrow at 1:45 and I am sooo excited!!! I can't wait until she gets here. whoohoo. We have so much fun together! ~~~~~ rofl.
k. enough for now.