July 11th, 2002


what a ugly day it is today....

its gray and rainy outside..so I just want to sleep all day. Not that I don't want to sleep all day, everyday though. lol. I can't wait until I start watching this little girl in August...I need some extra money so Justin and I can go out and do things together. We have decided that when I start my job we will have a "date night" every two weeks. It should be lots of fun!! I miss just going to the movies and out to a nice dinner together. All we ever do is have parties with too many people and drink. Well, I don't drink often..maybe a drink here and there, but I never get drunk. I can't even remember the last time I was drunk...maybe I should look back in my journal. haha. Oh, wait..I was quite tipsy when all of my friends were here and we went to the party down at Ambers. If I would count the number of times I was drunk in a whole year I would say maybe 2-3 times. I've never been quite fond of alcohol, considering I grew up with an alcoholic and I know what happens when it gets to that level. It's very bad on a relationship and very hard on the children involved. My mom and step dad have just now, finally after 19 years, started to do things together...that doesn't consist of going to a bar and fighting when he returned home at like 3 am. Those nights of my childhood sucked. They are both coming out to visit me in August, and just let me say I was shocked that he was actually coming...but then again he has changed so much..and for the better. Makes me quite happy! Don't get me wrong..he still drinks every now and then, but not like he used to...thank god for my brother and sister...although I'm sure my brother still remembers all too well. Anyways, enough of my childhood. I can actually say, despite the late night fights, my life was awesome. My mom always made sure we had everything that we needed and always made everything fun. She is a great mommy. hehe. I look up to her, because I cant even imagine how hard she has had it...my life looks like roses compared to hers. Well enough about my mom, she is the best to me. :) Nothing really has been going on here..spending time with Justin (hes off today!!) and figuring out money budgets (which I hate) Please let me win the lottery god! Just one time! hahaha. I'm not greedy, but to pay off some bills would be splendid! haha. I don't even need to win the lottery just let like 30,000 dollars fall into my lap..then i'd be straight. Well..this is getting long so I'll end it here. Only 2 more days and Amanda will be here!! YAY!!