July 6th, 2002


if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? ( i love this song)

so...some of Justin's friends came down, or are down until Sunday...but are they here at our house? NOPE. They basically just were using us to go to the beach, I guess thinking that we would go down there with them..but hello you just don't come to our house and 4 hrs later (after sleeping and making my living room dirty) say "We are going to the beach!" and on the 4th of July? ick. Plus, they didn't even say anything to us about going and I am not one to do things like that with out a plan and they did not have one. If we would have talked about this AHEAD of time and not had other things planned...maybe we would, but blah. I felt kind of bad for Justin that they did this to him, even though he tried to act like it didn't bother him. My friends would never ever do something like that to me and god it just pissed me off more than you can imagine. They should have just went straight to the beach instead of acting like they wanted to see Justin, which I thought the whole trip down here was about! bastards! I wish his friend Matt and his girlfriend Val, would come down b/c they are great friends and we have such a good time together..so hopefully they will come soon. If I was Justin I'd tell his other friends, that are at the damn beach a hour and a half away and not even spending any time with him, to go screw themselves for real. eeeeek. It just bugs the heck out of me.
We had a great past 2 days though with out them so who gives a shit right? haha. For the 4th of July we went to the fireworks in Hope Mills and they were awesome! We were like right under them! I was like "OMG. IVE NEVER SEEN FIREWORKS THIS CLOSE!" lol. Our fireworks at home suck I guess! We had a funnel cake, sno cones, and a sheet to lay on..and I loved every bit of it. I'm easily amused I guess. haha. Then last night we went to Cale's (justins friend from work) cook out and then we all decided to go to some bar in Sanford. THAT was interesting. It was a redneck bar like back home, with the country music, karaoke, and everything...it was a lot of fun and of course Justin didn't get carded or anything. So he thought it was the best night of his life. lol. Him, Leland and Cale love karaoke and beer like no one else I know...and before we even went to the bar they drank like half the keg at the cook out! boys....
Cale broke it off with his girlfriend he had for over 3 years and now he wants Amanda (*pikuangel) so come back sneed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha. I talked to Justin and he doesn't mind at all. lol. You keep me entertained! Now, my neighbor is jealous b/c he likes amanda as well. Its all a big soap opera!!!! All the boys want to get with her here....she's like a goddess in Fayetteville, NC I swear. lol. Well thats about all I know right now...Justin is already gone to work and I'm probably going to go back to bed!