June 29th, 2002



well, I decided to type..since I havent in a few days. Amanda has been here so she gives me something to do! haha. So I've been swimming, drinking, and smoking way too much. eeeeek. We have so much fun with all the neighbors out on the porch..it cracks me up how easily we are entertained. So much drama goes around up here too! I tend to stay out of it though and be the "peace keeper"....I'm also the "mother" of the group as well..and try to take care of them all. haha. sometimes I just want to say screw it and act like a total moron too..but then I feel icky. who knows 'eh? Justin and a couple of his friends are at Smith Lake or something like that...me and amanda went out there but it totally sucked, and I am not paying 20 dollars to be pulled by some rope...and in a lake! yuck. I'd rather swim in my nice clean pool right here. We went to Applebee's for lunch because IHOP was ssooooo packed. It was yummy..and damnit I'm hungry once again. When will it ever stop? haha. I need to exercise badly..I have ate like a hog the whole time she has been here! She's evil! Well..my neighbors are moving tomorrow, which means we are going to get new people in that apartment..I hope they are nice and not bastards that call the cops b/c we are being too loud..I hate those people..I hope they join in w/our parties and are cool like us. lol. blah. I don't know what else to write about so I'll check up later.