June 26th, 2002


oh its really early in the morning...

ahhh. It's going to be a long, yet lovely day. Monday night we didnt go bowling, we just decided to hang out and play cards outside until 1 something in the morning..it was fun! I didn't wake up until like 12:30 in the afternoon yesterday..ick I felt like a lazy ass. Then I got on the internet and started chatting with Amanda (*pikuangel). She starts telling me of her problems w/her boyfriend (a real prick) and I proceed to tell her to get rid of him..like I have time and time again. He didnt know how awesome of a girlfriend he had...and I'm not just saying that because she is my best friend...but seriously, a guy would be very lucky to have her. So she gets off the net, and calls me like ten minutes later..and tells me that she broke up with TJ. She was all upset and was making me upset..b/c I really don't know what to say..and I felt bad. I felt bad because I was glad she finally ended it and I'm hoping maybe it will stay this way. Ick. damn asshole. Then she gets back on the internet and says she is coming to my house..well I didn't believe her until about 4pm when she buys the plane ticket! hahaha. She is going nuts in our little town and needs to get away..the funny thing is she was just here! lol. So I'm picking her up at the airport at 12:50 and she's staying until Sunday night! I'm so excited that she is coming again..it makes my days much more enjoyable! haha. It was totally crazy that she just up and decided to come here at the last minute..and let me tell you finding a plane ticket at a reasonable price at the last minute is hard to do! I'm glad I can be here for her though and I hope this vacation does her some good and maybe she will find what shes looking for. She needs to get out of that town...staying there forever could really mess with your emotions...and I'm so not kidding. Growing up there was great, but living there forever? I don't know that I would want that. It's also not a great place to meet guys either....somehow I found mine there. He lived there his whole life too and we were only 15 minutes apart..tell me how it is possible we didnt know each other? crazy. God works in mysterious ways. :)
So I hope I have a fun weekend with my manda!!! I can't believe she is going to be here once again..and next week Justins friends are coming! We are just gonna be loaded with company! hahaha. I love it though. :)
There is a post for you Ella, and thanks for all yours I enjoyed reading them!

ps: btw..the reason why I didn't write last night is b/c I had a massive headache and about puked everywhere. nice 'eh?
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brought to you by....babyinga. :)

1) Full name: Amy Lynn
2) Nicknames: burl, amay, amy lou, mimi (like meeemeee)
3) Eyes: blue/green.
4)Height: Like 5'8
5) Hair: brown w/highlights.
6) Shoe size: 7 1/2 - 8
7) Age: 21
8) Birthday: February 7th
10) Sign: Aquarius.
11) Where you live: North Carolina.
12) Sex: female.
13) Righty or Lefty: righty.
14) Boxers or briefs: Both
15) Long or short hair: both.
16) Tall or short: Tall
17) Six Pack or Muscular arms: Both once again.
18) Good or Bad Boy: good boy.
19) Hat or no hat: either way.
20) Ears pierced: yep.
22) Freckles or none: blah. dont really care.
23) Stubble or neatly shaved: neatly shaved. stubble hurts me.
24) Rugged or Sporty: either.
26) Accent or not: accents are cute...like british ones (hugh grant makes me want to jump him when he talks)
50) Chocolate or white milk: Chocolate (but only prarie farms.)
51) Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: both taste like shit.
52) Mud or Jell-O wrestling: mud.
53) Sunshine or rain: sunshine please.
54) Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
55) Something you wish you were good at: singing.
56) Day or night: Night
57) Summer or winter: spring/fall.
58) Cake or pie: yuck.
59) Love or lust: love.
60) Silver or Gold: silver.
61) Diamond or Pearl: diamonds. big ones. haha.
62) Sunrise or sunset: which ever.
63) Have you ever gone skinny-dipping: nope.
64) Do you sleep with stuffed animal(s): not anymore.
65) Have you ever broke/sprained/fractured a bone?? sprained my ankle many times.
67) Do you sing in the shower: not really.
68) Experienced love at first sight: yep.
69) What's your favorite color: purple
70) Favorite Rapper: JaRule.
70) What's your Favorite Band: who knows. too many.
71) What do you dream about: weird shit.
72) Who are your best friends: amanda. amiee. amber. tabitha. justin.
74) Quietest: amiee.
75) Who do you tell your dreams to?: everyone. cuz they are so whacked out.
76) Do you want your friends to do this survey?: why not.
77) Who are you crushing on: justin.
78) Most perverted guy: my neighbor.