June 24th, 2002



You will live in House.
You will drive a pink a jetta.
You will marry brandon boyd and have 5 kids.
You will be a nurse in missouri.

lovely. good thing he has a good job to support those 5 kids.

lah tee dah.

i need to take a shower and clean this apartment. ugh. please help me i'm going insane! It's already 1:30...where does the time go? I had some whacked up dreams again...one of them consisted of a high school reunion. lovely. Grandma called me about an hour ago..she didn't have a lot to say. I love her calls though. She calls me every other day. hahaha. My own mother never calls me because she hates the phone...not really much to chat about anyways, considering my grandma tells her everything. My family is coming to stay with me in August. Justin's friends are coming next week I guess...and then Justin's older brother Jay and his girlfriend are to get a condo down in Myrtle Beach in August and we are to stay with them. I don't know if that will happen though, we shall see. I love his new girlfriend though, she is awesome..unlike the last stuck up one. I hope he marries this one, she'd be a great sister in law...probably because she is just like me. lol. I will be hanging out a lot outside when Justin's friends come...I don't know that I can handle them. They are all very nice, but I'm used to his other friends coming not these ones. I'm much closer to his other friends that have been here a couple times. blah. I don't mind. I don't think Justin is taking any leave though when they come, which means I am going to be left with them all freaking day. greaaaaaaaaaat. I'm hoping the hospital calls me this week, if they do not I am taking a babysitting job I was offered the other day. It will at least bring in some extra cash. I just cant wait until February and all of our stuff will be paid off and then we will have an extra 800 dollars a month to do things. Justin and I are hoping to take a nice vacation next year..but we will see how that goes. I wouldn't mind either going to mexico, a cruise, europe, or disney world...any of those will work for me! I looked up cruise prices and its only like &500 a person so that isnt bad. If we toured Europe it wouldnt be bad at all, because we don't have to pay to fly...we would just take "hops" (military language)...but really I want to go to Disney World. I have wanted to go there since I can remember....but then when I think about it...I really want to go to the Eiffel Tower...badly! I'm going to have to have Lucy be our tour guide over there! haha. Who knows what we will do...all I know is: I need a vacation, which means not going back home to Illinois..cause those vacations suck with the constantly bitching and moaning from family members...and since we never really had a REAL honeymoon..it would be nice to have one. :) Well I have ranted and raved enough for now.