June 23rd, 2002


watching too much felicity.

i had thee weirdest dream last night and I would say of all time...but I guess I've had stranger ones considering I have had dreams of being with Puff Daddy. lol. So, last night I had a dream about my ex boyfriend Mike. My boyfriend from like 5-6 years ago. I think I watched too much of "Felicity", because I was in flash back mode. I went back in time to see how it would be if I did things differently with him. Things were way different in my dream..he didnt live in the same house, we met because we were doing Romeo & Juliet together for a play. In my dream his mother didnt want me to be Juliet she wanted Kendra (the girl he dumped me for in real life.) so I felt like a total idiot going over there for practice. Well Mandy Merano was there ( a girl I went to high school with and havent seen since graduation) and we went off and smoked together or something..b/c I didn't want to smoke in front of his mom. lol. In the dream his mom kept being a real bitch and he kept telling her to shut up..and btw she was a real bitch in real life too so that was nothing new. I'm sure ya'll are way confused by now. hahah. Anyways..the strangest thing about my dream was I was 16 again. I went into flash back but I took like nothing of what I had learned after that relationship back with me. We both looked the same and acted the same as we did back then. In my dream I just thought he was the cutest thing in the world and I just kept wanting to touch him..but I was scared...but then I went back to the unforgettable night at his friends birthday party when we went out into the woods. Everything happened exactly like it happened in real life...but when he tried to go up my shirt I let him ( I didn't in real life) and then he asked me to have sex with him...and do you know what I said?! I said "do you have a condom?" rofl. I would have never said that then. After I said that I woke up, it probably scared the shit out of me. hahaha. Well, this probably made sense to no one, but the dream was interesting and let me go back in time and like remember every little thing. I loved being in high school and having "social hour" every day...and crying to amanda and her crying to me about every little thing...b/c our boyfriends were assholes. hahaha. ahhh to be 16 again.