June 16th, 2002


oh im back. prepare to be annoyed.

1. first name: Amy
2. middle name: Lynn
3. birth date: 2/7/81
4. zodiac sign: Aquarius.
5. location of birth: Ellwood City, PA
6. nicknames: amay. burl. amy lou. hunny (is big w/jussy)
7. pets: molly..but shes at my parents house.
8. siblings: 2. Cary and Abby and now I have to count my brothers and sister in law Jay, Levi and Casey.
9. height: 5'7 or 5'8..i dont know.
10. color hair/eyes: green/blue.
11. best friend(s): Amanda. Amiee. Rachel. Tabitha. Amber.
12. age: 21
13. school: notta. I went one year at Lincoln Land.
14. sport: ick.

1. Do you have a crush: on my Justin yes.
2. What do you see when you first meet someone?: probably their clothes. I don't know.

1. loved someone so much it made you cry: yep.
2. eaten an entire box of cookies: probably.
3. seen the Eiffel tower: nope, but i want to!
4. hated yourself: of course...but im stuck w/myself..so i better love me.

1. movie: there are so many...Dirty Dancing. Pretty Woman. You've Got Mail. When Harry Met Sally. The Little Mermaid. Jerry McGuire. A Walk to Remember. I love all the old movies they play on TNT and TBS all the time...and i love the movies from the 80's. Im odd.
2. song: November Rain-GNR. Angel Standing By-JEWEL. Possession & Last Dance-Sarah McLachlan. Last Goodbye -Jeff Buckley. Wild Horses- Rolling Stones. and the list goes on...
3. favorite day of the week: hmm. i dont really have a favorite..i like thurs. fri. and sat. because justin is off.

1. cried: nope.
2. laughed really hard?: hmm. nope.
3. made someone laugh: yes
4. daydreamed about you and your crush: yah.
5. helped someone: i cooked dinner!
6. bought something: nope.
7. been kissed: yep ;)

*DO YOU.. *
1. have a fish: nope. i hate fish.
2. want to go out and party right now?: haha. nope. im partied out.
3. have more then one toothbrush: nope. what is the point in that?


1. summer: swimming and being outside.
2. katie: ick. justins ex.
3. josh: haha. my past 2 boyfriends.
4. Paul: my first kiss and obsession. march 28 1980-sept. 23 1996. :~(
7. money: i want more.
8. rice: i just ate some of this tonight.

1. been in love: yes. i am now.
2. been so drunk you blacked out: yep. graduation.
3. got out in public in your pajamas: yah. when we travel.
5. Cheated on a bf or gf: never.

1. who do you email the most: Tabitha.
2. who have you known the longest: I've known Amiee since 1st grade (known who she was) but I've really known Karyn the longest since 5th grade.
3. who do you go to the mall with the most: Justin.
4. whose parents do you know the best: Amiee's.

*DO YOU...*
1. want a tattoo where and of what: on my foot...and i dont know what of.
2. ever have the falling dream? yes. hate those.
3. a computer in your room: nope.
4. have any regrets? not really. i just get over it.
5. what are you wearing right now: pajamas.
6. what are you going to do now? go to the bathroom after i finish this cig. :)