June 7th, 2002


another freakin graduation party tomorrow.

how lovely. I'm about sick of going to these and eating like a cow...and they all basically have the same food. Why is it that everyone graduates at like the same time it seems like. People need to spread out their kids k. haha. Today was boring and I slept more than I should have. Tonight I went to Wal-Mart to get my photos developed w/Amiee, and then we went to some mexican restaurant and had a margarita. It was soo good..I then stopped by Chapps (a bar) and visited Justin's daddy, since he was there. I couldnt drink anything though because I was driving...damnit. Only a couple more days left here and then I shall be at home once again. I'm like totally out of whats going on in live journal now. I'm sure I will catch up all in good time. I hate this computer. ugh. Justin washed all the towels today and cleaned up. He's such a good boy. He was out drinking with all the neighbors when I called him tonight...I know Amber will watch out for him. haha. thanks amber! I just dont want him to like pass out or something and me not be there. He was talking all lovey dovey on the phone tonight about how he is lost w/out me and everything so I could definitely tell he'd had a few. haha. Then I was like "well im going to go sit outside w/my mom" and he just kept on a chatting...definately not Justin b/c he doesnt really like to talk on the phone. haha. blah blah blah..so anyways thats about all for now. I shall write again soon.