June 6th, 2002


i miss my apartment.

argh. I want to go home...but then again this place has it's benefits. I can sleep here, which is the best sleep ever I swear. My grandparents air conditioner broke, can you believe that shit?! haha. The day that I start to stay here it breaks..how lovely. Hopefully, it will be fixed tomorrow though. It's a good thing its going to be chilly tonight. Casey and I got a pedicure, oh my was it awesome. My feet felt awesome when they did all that and they even scrapped the dead skin off my feet so now they are all smooth! haha. My toe nails are painted like a french manicure..and I think they are too cute. hah. Justin got home tonight and he didn't even get tired he said. I'm so happy he got home okay, because I was soo worried about him the whole day. I already miss him and it sucks. I hate being apart from him even if its only until Tuesday. Our apartment better be clean when I get home! He promised it would be spotless when I arrived and he's even going to wash all of our towels (since he didn't let me bring them home to wash for free). He's too cute. I could probably write about all the parties we went to and what not..but that would be boring. I had fun at all of them, and ate way too much. Justin was way too drunk at his sisters and sang too much karoke...but it was funny. I'm not getting a rabbit because a lot of people talked me out of it and the cage and everything was 50 dollars...and I would rather spend that on other crap I don't need I guess. blah. So in conclusion, I'm ready to go home and to be with all of my friends and Justin and to get back on my schedule. Chat with you all soon I'm sure.