May 27th, 2002


on the road again...

well we are leaving tonight so I must get some sleep. I will try to update at my grandparents house, but we shall see. I'm going to miss my puter. :( Anyways, I hope we have a nice trip but Justin is already starting to act like a complete ass because he's excited. I hate it when he gets like this...and plus he's gonna be getting around his daddy..and oh my. I just hope I have a good trip b/c I've been waiting for this! hehe. My friends are still coming back w/me!! YAY!! I'm so excited for them to be here you dont even know. 4 girls getting ready w/one bathroom in a little apartment is going to be hell though. haha. fun times! Well, I'm off to sleep now. Hope you all have a nice couple of weeks!