May 24th, 2002


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So its like 5:14am, and I am dressed and all ready to go. I am volunteering for Ambers class today and we are going to the zoo! Well, I wanted to wake up at 5:30am this morning..b/c we are not leaving until a little before 7:00am, but...I guess the clock in the bedroom got pushed up an hour. damn thing. So I walk out in the living room after I got everything done and it says 5:00am. I'm like "what the hell?!?!" This sucks, but at least I'm up and ready...but ugh that is like a another hour of sleep I could have had. I went to bed at 10:30pm last night, can you believe that? haha. I can't..considering I don't usually go to bed until at the earliest 1:00am. This whole post is full of times..getting on my nerves. I didn't do much last night, made chicken parmesan and Justin said it was better than the Olive Garden's. I was quite pleased with that comment! haha. He usually says everything is awesome though even if he doesnt like who knows. I layed on the couch and watched tv with Justin and then when he fell asleep, I went outside and chatted with the neighbors. Then I got on here for awhile and no one was on! I was shocked. *gasp* haha. So I took some Tylenol PM and like a half an hour later I was tired so I got Justin up and into bed and fell asleep w/out any real problems which was awesome! I didn't wake up once either the whole night so I had some lovely sleep. I forgot to shave my legs this morning while I was in the shower, so I'm going to have to go do that and then eat some breakfast, I will be starving by the time we get to the zoo if I don't. I wonder what time we will get home tonight? hmm. I have no clue. I don't get to smoke the whole day, and I hope I don't notice that. haha. I should be fine, I have done it before! I should just quit. The only problem with the not smoking the whole day is when I get home and do smoke, I will probably get a damn headache..lets pray that I dont. Well, thats enough for this morning only 4 more days and we will be on our way home!!! yay. and only 5 more days until I get my hair done and I am once again a blond! whoohoo!!!
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