May 22nd, 2002



I'm so sad right now...and yet happy that it ended the way that it did. It was the most perfect ending I believe. The fact that there will be no more Felicity..upsets me though...but everything has to end some time. I just got so attached to that show, because it brings back many memories..expecially of my high school days, b/c that is when I started watching it. I still remember the first episode and how awesome I thought that show was going to be. Amanda and I would come to school the next day and thats all we would talk about. haha. It wasnt on Wednesday nights then though..I think either Sunday or Monday. hmm. dont remember. The last episode tonight had tons of "flash backs", which I loved. It was probably my favorite part actually. At the end everything worked out of course and they played "I will remember you" by Sarah McLachlan..and omg I lost it completely. So here I was crying my eyes out about a show. Oh, I know im sad. haha. I cant help myself though..I only watch like 2 other shows besides that one and its my favorite. I really hate it when a awesome show ends. Its like everytime I watch the end of "Mad About You"..I cry my eyes out...and I don't even want to think about the other shows ending, and Friends is ending next year. ugh. What the hell am i going to watch? They need to play all of the Felicity episodes this summer..and start at the beginning. Well enough of my rambling out my show...I will truly miss it & the last episode was great..I was afraid I would be disappointed, but yet I was very pleased. :)
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