May 21st, 2002


the engagement.

I was reading in military spouses about weddings, so I decided I must write a whole entry about leading up to mine and the day itself. I'm quite bored. :)..and I love to think about it.
It all began, when I picked up Justin from school. He got in like usual and we were on our way to his house...when he says:
Justin: I think I am going to join the AirForce.
me: (not taking it seriously) uhh okay.
then he goes on to talk about the recruiter that came to his class and they watched this movie and he just thinks it would be awesome to join.
me: So what are you going to do w/me?
Justin: well you cant go w/me unless we get married. (he was hinting to me, and smiling)
me: Well are you going to ask me?
hahaha. and then he asked me and here we are. I got asked in a car. lol. It was something I will never forget though. We went and told everyone and they were all less than thrilled. haha. It was quite funny. I told them I was just going to go up to the courthouse then..and that they couldnt stop us. Finally, they all loved the idea and got excited and there is where the planning began!
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the planning. basic. tech school. stress.

so here I was getting married. Many people thought I was stupid because I was 19, but I knew there was no one else in the world like him. the planning had started and my list consisted of: church, reception hall, food, cake, music, invitations, decorations, dresses, shoes, hair, make-up, flowers, preacher, presents, engagment pictures, the wedding party. It was a total mess. So I got most of the things done right away. I had everything booked for Sept. 9, 2000. I mean I had EVERYTHING booked for the 9th...and Justins recruiter said "oh yes he will be home in plenty of time." Well I made these reservations in like the beginning of August I learned that Justin would not be able to make it to the wedding because he wouldnt get home until: Sept. 12th. Now isnt that lovely? haha. So I just thought, "hey I'll just move it up a week no biggie" I didn't comprehend that everything would be booked by someone else on that day...and that Sept. is a very busy month for weddings I guess. So, I had to have my wedding on a Friday...Sept.15, 2000. It was such a pretty/perfect day, so I dont think I would have it any other way. Justin really missed all the planning, the licking of invitations, the changing of the colors, and all the stress. So he got to come 3 days ahead of time and just walk in there..everything already done..and be married. Oh wait, I did make him fill up all the balloons before the wedding that morning. So he did something :) To calm me down some, my friends all took me to St.Louis and we stayed in this huge awesome hotel, went out to this club, and then came back and had pizza! It was like a big slumber party and really fun. Justin didnt get a bachelor party..poor thing..but his brother did take him to a football game! So that I have thought about it I really cant explain the whole "planning" just know i was very stressed out...but its a good thing I had something to do the whole time he was gone...and I also had a full time job which was a plus..and I took extra hours if I could...oh and I was in school until May..w/a full load..I was just a busy girl. haha.

the wedding...and then some..

The night before we had our rehearsal dinner, that my mom and step dad did themselves. It was a lot of fun, and she put a lot of work into it. Preparing food for all of those people..I'm sure she was very stressed out. That night I went and spent the night w/my friend & maid of honor, Amanda..b/c we had to be up so early and get to the hair salon that was an hour away. My hair was beautiful and exactly the way I wanted it. I didn't take pictures of the back of it though, and I wish I would have. It was gorgeous..I guess I just had too much going on in my mind to think about it. So by 1:00pm all the girls (8 of them) had on their "silver" dresses, their hair done, and we were ready to go. My dress was waiting at the church. We hoped in our limo and I remember listening to Eminem on the way to the church and us bouncing around. Justin and I chose not to see each other before the wedding so I was freaking out as I was walking to my little room where I would be getting ready. I put my dress on, which was beautiful and full of sparkle and a small train...exactly what I had wanted. I felt like a goddess. haha. Its the best when you come out and people are like "oooo ahhh" I got my flowers and I was like "yuck" b/c they were sooo not what I wanted, but there was nothing I could do about it, so I dealt w/it. I took pictures w/my family and friends and then it was time! Oh, and btw thanks to Amanda who was constantly doing and fixing my makeup. haha. So i go out there and it feels like forever until I have to go, I was soooo nervous I cant even tell you how that felt...then when I saw him at the end it all went away..and it was like no one was there. In fact, I don't even remember half of the people that were there that awful is that? We said our vows and kissed (which I really dont remember) the part I only really remember was when they said that part about "does anyone have any objections?" and we both turned around and looked and everyone laughed. silly us. haha. So then we were married! I have the best picture from when we walked out and we are giving a kiss and our noses are like bent. I wish I had a scanner so I could post it on here..its so cute. haha. Then we spent like an hour more taking pictures together while everyone was waiting at the reception hall. We left in the limo on the way to the reception and we just kept saying "i cant believe we are actually husband and wife" it was just so crazy and no one thought it would *actually* happen. The reception was great w/the exception of Justins ex girlfriend being there! She had some nerve...but that was the only drama. My friends were all like "you want me to say something to her? I'll beat her down" rofl. It really didn't bother me after the shock was gone, b/c she really is a nice girl.
Oh there was some more drama. All the boys took Justin away in a truck to go sell toilet paper at Wal-Mart, and he couldnt come back until he sold a roll for $5. So when the DJ was calling us for our first dance..he wasnt there. I was kinda hot about that. We smashed cake in each others faces, had our dance, had the $1 dance (where we made some awesome money...someone gave me a &50) had all the *special* dances w/our family members..and it was just awesome. We also got incredibly drunk and I decided to sing for the whole crowd..oh how I wish they had that on tape..but they turned it off before I did that. haha. Finally, we left to our hotel sweet w/our lovely hot tub and rose petals all over that someone had done for us. wasnt that nice? The thing I regret the most is we were too drunk to even care about that awesome room we had. We did our thing and passed out. Not very romantic huh? but..for the next two days we stayed in Springfield and got the best rooms and went to the best restaurants and had the most romantic time..even if we didn't go that far away for our honeymoon. hehe. We made like 3000 dollars and basically we wasted all of it. I can't believe we did that either, but we really didn't know that much about money....YET. A couple weeks later we were on our way to Pope AFB, NC and we have been here ever since. We have learned a lot of things..not only about each other, but about ourselves. I love him a billion times more than I loved him the day I married him and if you would have told me that the day I married him...I would have told you no way because I was soo in love w/him then. He is my feels like he always has been...and I know he always will be. :)

***btw..I forgot to tell in the planning section about my invitations..they already said "Sept. 9, 2000" so I had to alter those myself by printing out little tabs that said "due to justin not being able to come home in time, the wedding date is moved to Sept. 15, 2000" haha. how smart am I? ....and my colors were lavender and silver.
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how we met.

Now "babyinga" has made me remember when I first met now I have to write about that. :)
I lived 20 minutes away from him for 17 years and I never even knew he existed. I must have seen him a hundred times and never even knew he was thee one. I could have even played with him when I was little, because we went to the same park! It's funny how fate works....and here is our story.
It was March of 1999. I was 18, my senior year, and I had just broken up with my last boyfriend who I thought was the love of my life. I decided I would be single for awhile, since I had not been single since my sophomore year. My friend Amber had asked these 2 girls (one being one of my best friends, Nicole) to go over to the next town and meet her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friends. Well, those 2 girls canceled on her at the last minute (nicole was hiding in amiee's house)..and she was suppose to bring these girls for these boys. I felt bad for her, and being the good friend that I am said I would go. I wasn't planning on going anywhere so I looked like crap..I hardly had on any make up either, which is odd because I always wear make up. On the way over to Litchfield (the next town) I said "I'm not hooking up with anyone" and she said "okay, I just dont want to go over there alone with all those guys." It was extremely important to me that I stay single for some reason. I still wasnt over my ex yet either. So we get there and I we walk in, and the guys were in the bedroom playing on the computer. His back was towards me when I went in there..and she introduced me and he turned around and said "hey" ...and oh my god I just thought he was the hottest thing. haha. I looked at Amber and pointed to him and mouthed "he's hot!" He looked so good that night..I don't think I'll ever forget that. I didn't think he would have anything to do with me, and he seemed like the "player" kind of type (hes the total opposite of "player")..and there was no way I was having any of that. We all decided to go to Hardee's and on the way there he kept poking me with this umbrella and I just did not get his humor. haha. He then sat by me at Hardee's and thats when I knew that he liked me...but then after that he didnt seem to leave me alone. lol. We went back to her boyfriend's house and I went to play on the computer. I was talking to my friend Amiee at the time and he comes in and lays on the bed. The whole time I was talking to Amiee saying "omg. this weird guy is laying by me..trying to talk to me!" rofl. So we talked about some stuff and I decided "well..its time to go!" The next day at school Amber told me he wanted to go on a date and I was so excited. I was going around school saying "whoohoo I got a date!" haha. So that weekend we had our first date..actually it was a double date w/Amber and her boyfriend. We went to see "10 things I hate about you". The date started off bad because he was talking about going to the club and picking up "honeys" <--- exactly what he called them. lol. Then while we were watching the movie he wouldnt hold my hand so I just grabbed it...and then while riding back home I asked him how old he was. Now, I thought he was my age because he looks older than he is..but he said "16" and I about shit my pants. He's only in a grade below me, its just that his birthday is late. haha. Still..I had issues with that whole "age" thing. So we get home and we are sitting there and my friend and her boyfriend are kissing goodbye and he goes: "So do you want to kiss me?" rofl. I was shocked, b/c I didn't think you asked people that I thought you just did it. I said "I guess" rofl. this is so funny to me sorry. It was a good kiss and one I shall not forget. After that..he asked me out at the ice skating rink on April 10th by saying "you can keep that" while I was holding his class ring. I was like "umm. does that mean you want to go out?" haha. He wasn't very good w/words back then. I sure did change that though. :) We have been together ever since..and we never broke up or had a break or anything. The first time we were apart after that was a year later when he went to basic. After about 6 months we started staying at each others house, and then at 11 months we were we have been married 1 year and 8 months. :) I love talking about my life.
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