May 18th, 2002


kiss me hard.

I woke up at 11 today. I shouldn't have slept that long..but I didn't even wake up once from 4am until 11am. It was lovely. Last night I hung out with the neighbors outside and it was fun to chat for awhile. Justin had to work today, so he had to go to bed early. He always has to work it seems like. They just need to go back to 8 hours because I loved life then. He got up at a decent time instead of 3:30am..and got home at like 4:30 instead of almost 6. I will be so thankful when this war crap is over with. Sometimes I feel as though it could almost be over...but then I know its going to be awhile. I'm sure Justin will get sent over there again and I will be miserable beyond belief. Sometimes I wonder if this is all worth it. I knew nothing about the military until Justin joined and sometimes I think its the best thing in the world...we never have to worry about having a place to live, or food, or if we are sick..we live very nicely....but then the war, long hours, not seeing each other, him being exhausted...this is all I hate. I just want to see my husband please...and I want to see him NOT tired! Thank god we only have 9 days until leave. We get to go back home, be w/eachother everyday, with our families and friends, be who we are outside of the military life, go back and remember when we were in high school and the stupid things we used to do. Go on the 15 hr. road trip together, which is usually very fun. People probably think we are nuts w/our singing and dancing in the car. haha. You have to do something to keep yourself awake yah know? Well, I shall keep up w/my count down..only one more full week and I will be home. It sounds like im home sick huh? nah, not really. I just want to be w/my husband when he is not working because hes 10x more fun. He needs a desk job. haha. Oh, that reminds me. We were at Target yesterday and we were looking at the picture frames and what not..and hes like "I cant wait to have an office, I'm going to put all these cool things in it" I was like uhhh. okay Justin. haha. He also pissed my off soo bad yesterday. He messed up the computer and he expects me to figure it out for him. Wait...not fix it MYSELF..but tell him how to fix it. Do you know how frustrating that is? So we start yelling back in forth to each I'm just going to leave and go to ALDI's w/ I walk out the damn door and he threatens to throw my plant! K. well this plant is like my I go up there, cant figure it out once again. I told him I didn't know what to do, but he thinks I know all this shit about computers and I don't. I knew a lot of stuff w/my OLD computer..this computer is new and far too confusing right now. I have to still get used to it. I have been quite the bitch lately and I have been noticing it. I must quit that. I keep being like "JUSTIN DO THIS AND JUST DO THAT" haha. I don't know whats up w/that. Yesterday while I volunteered at school for a couple hours he did the laundry. I was like *GASP* when I came home and all the clothes were folded neatly in the drawers. He got constant praise for doing that one. haha. I want him to feel special so he will do it again! Nah, I don't mind doing the laundry, and he does so much for me anyways. Everything in this house is mine and he has bought it all for me. The day my old computer blew up..look who came to the rescue and bought me a brand new one the exact same day. haha. So I think I'm rambling a lot about Justin today. I wish he didnt have to work today, but hes off Wednesday! Its funny because that boy sure can piss me off really really bad, and then turn around and be sweet and totally make me melt. Oh what love does to you. :)
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First grade teacher's name: Ms.Dagon (and she was a real bitch..I pissed my pants so many times in that class b/c she would never let me go to the bathroom)
Last word you said: i typed "ahhh" to amiee.
Last song you sang: "they say vision" -Res

What is in your cd player?: my playlist.
What color socks are you wearing?: none. i have on pink slippers.
What's under your bed?: a bunch of shit.
What time did you wake up today?: 3:30am with Justin..but I went back to sleep until 11:00am.

Where do you want to go: in life? i dont know. other than that...away from here.
What is your career going to be?:something i enjoy. my main career will be a mommy.
Where are you going to live?: well 18 years left of the I'm thinking all over...but I want to live in the country away from people.
How many kids do you want?: 2 or 3.
What kind of car(s) would you like to have?: SUV please.

Current mood: obviously bored.
Current music: my playlist.
Current taste: cigs.
Current hair color: shit brown. (soon to be blonde!)
Current clothes: sweats..its cold tonight!
Current annoyance(s): computer crap.
Current longing: to be home.
Current desktop picture: its rainbow looking.
Current favorite artist: musically? jewel.
Current book(s): hmm. i havent read in awhile.
Current color of toenails: purple
Current time-wasting wish: wtf? i wish for money.
Current hate: umm. nothing really.
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    they say vision -Res