May 16th, 2002


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ick. today sucks. I am sooo tired and I think I slept too long or something. Who knows. So I feel like I have tons of things to do, but I cant seem to get my ass moving here. haha. My list consists of: shower, dishes, laundry (which is a huge pile..and a nice pile of towels) I need a washer and dryer instead of having to use the facility down stairs. ugh. it gets on my nerves. In order to do my laundry..I have to go to the grocery store and get quarters. I also need women things, and bread. I also need to go grocery shopping, but there is no way I'm going to Food Lion b/c I can shop much cheaper at other places. I need to go to Wal-Mart because I'm out of face wash and I need some new shampoo b/c the crap we got last time sucks. Oh, and I need some glade plug ins b/c I bought the refills but they didnt have the containers to put them in! What kind of deal is that? bastards. As you can see I am very aggravated today and yet I am doing nothing about it. I could walk to over to Food Lion, but I feel like such a skank walking over there for some reason..I hate it. Hopefully, one of my friends will go with me when they get home. Tonight, the Friends season finale is on and I can't wait! ugh. this makes no sense. Let me make my list of things I can figure everything out.
bath. dishes. store. laundry. dinner. friends. and whatever may come between. Tomorrow, I shall be going to school and watching Ambers class for a couple hours while she has her teachers lunch thing. So I MUST get those clothes done tonight so I will have something to wear. I shouldn't let my pile get so big yah know? I hate running up and down (we live on the top floor) and up and down some more. annoying k. :) I am ranting today arent I? I am in quite the mood.
Last night, I went to Olive Garden with Amber and Robin. It was so much fun and a girls night out! I had fettuccine alfredo and a strawberry was sooo good! It was also very nice to get out of this apartment.
Dawsons Creek: basically it was stupid. I'm sick of this "Dawson&Joey" shit. I mean common, must it drag on for 5 years? Have something cool happen already...and reality please? I mean there is no way a group of friends can all sleep w/each other like that and STILL all be great friends w/no resentment toward each other. I don't think so.
Felicity: awesome. I love this show and I hate to see it end, but so be it. Next wednesday is the last episode and I'm afraid I will be crying, but blah. They are going to have Noel die next week, which sucks b/c he is my favorite character and if he does die. I will hate them for the rest of my life. hahaha. So they better wake her up from a dream or something. :)
**They should bring back "My So Called Life" because I loved that show sooo much...but I guess it would never be the same 'eh? Play the re-runs please! haha.

Its almost time to go to Illinois!!! I am so ready to go and I cant wait! Our little Casey (justins sister) is graduating..when I met her she didn't even have her license yet! oh the memories.
Justin said orders are coming out again we shall see what happens with that. He put Turkey on our list..and if we get that. I will shoot him and I'm not kidding. I mean who really wants to live in Turkey? ick.
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just a little upset. they named their baby the name that is on the top of Justin and I's list. (For those who havent watched it yet, I shall not ruin) I cant name my baby that b/c its just going to be like "Mad About You" and the whole Mabel name. ugh. Now the name is going to be very popular. lovely.

**May 8th, #13 to prove that it was my name waaaay before "friends"...anyways its on that entry.