May 14th, 2002


oh my friends.

I have had an exciting day today. My friends are now coming to stay w/me June 10-16th. I'm so excited and happy! I love it when they come and see me. I feel special. haha. I just like for them to see where I live and what I do here and etc. The last time they came down here was when Justin and I first moved in and we didnt know anyone and we barely new our way around. Now I know where everything is. I'm very excited to be going to the beach..I havent been in a year and I love to just look at it..and to play in the sand! Oh, and my apartment is sooo different now, they shall be shocked! haha. We have all of our own furniture now instead of all that rented crap we had before. So the four of us shall all be together once again w/the exception of Nicole and Karyn. I love my friends so much and I just cant believe they are *actually* coming! yay!!! Can you tell how thrilled I am? I feel like a little kid at Christmas. haha. I already have the dinner dishes done can you believe that one? I am amazing. haha. Justin is already asleep. poor baby had to load/download 4 C-5's today. :( His face was all dirty when he came home, it was quite funny. I miss him when he works...but I don't want to keep him up, b/c I know if I was him I would be passed out before I even walked in the door. haha. So, he doesnt think he will get his days off from work this week b/c they are going to be extremely busy. This is one of the reasons why military life sucks..just to let you all know! :)
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