May 12th, 2002


I was almost me...

Well..I decided to write something because I'm getting tired of taking all of these quizzes. Does anyone here ever thing "hey..I can write about this in my livejournal" when you are doing something?..omg I feel like I'm nuts when I think that. haha. I'm afraid I don't have a exciting life or something. I guess I'm just normal..or at least I keep telling myself I am. What's up w/all the witches on livejournal? I swear..I will be looking at journals and everyone is in wicca. I mean I know people have their own beliefs and everything, but its just so weird to me. I guess its the kewl thing to do these into goth and all that kind of stuff..but sorry not for me. Anyways..Justin and I had fought most of yesterday. I was just about ready to kill him. haha. j/k!! Ugh, he sure does know how to piss me off though. I mean he has a 2 whole days off and he gets on the damn computer? I don't think so. So he got off and we spent the night together and most of today. We talked a lot about random things so that was good. We really don't have any extra money once again so we couldnt do anything..I can't wait until Wednesday (pay day!!). Hopefully, he will take me to Olive Garden because I have been wanting it very badly for quite some time now...and just because he loves me. :) Today, we spent most of the day wresting and goofing around. It was fun, but sometimes he can get too rough! A man thing I'm sure. He also rubbed my back last night (which he doesnt do often) and I was in heaven!! But, today I had to rub those feet..eeeek! I just dont like feet.
My friends were all suppose to all come down the first week in June, but now I don't know about that one. It sucks though...thats for sure. I hate that when I get totally excited about something it doesnt happen. I hate being disappointed.
I made blueberry muffins tonight at like midnight. Interesting 'eh? I was hungry for I made them...quite yummy I must say! I'm so good at putting mix and milk together and stirring. I'm such a chef! I think I might make chicken parmesan tomorrow..but who knows. Sounds good though!
So the conclusion of this entry judge mental about some things, but who cares what I think...and if they did umm why? Be who you want to be, not who others think you should be. I love my Justin even when he is a shit head. I want it to be Wednesday and Olive Garden. I make awesome blueberry muffins. k enough! Oh, and opendiary is getting on my nerves but I can't seem to make myself stop reading those. eeek! and I'm baby obsessed. :)

ps: the spotting still hasnt stopped and I'm pissed off I dont want to bleed for 2 weeks in a row k.
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