May 4th, 2002


survey time. :)......did i already do this one? hah . prolly.

10 Years Ago, I:
1. was 11 years old.
2. I was in fifth grade.
3. i had the biggest crush on brandon booher.
4. my sister just turned 1...and it was awesome to be a big sister.
5. wouldnt have imagined what the next 10 would be like.

5 Years Ago, I:
1. i just turned 16!
2. was driving everywhere.
3. was somewhat depressed.
4. started smoking. bad.
5. was a cyber slut.

2 Years Ago, I:
1. was 19.
2. was engaged!
3. was preparing myself for justin leaving to basic.
4. was sooo happy.
5. was in college.

1 Year Ago, I:
1. was 20...and couldnt wait for 21.
2. was loving my life.
3. was making new friends.
4. was spending time w/my Morgan.
5. was probably doing much of what im doing now. haha.

Yesterday, I:
1. played on the computer.
2. gave my jussy kisses.
3. went to Wendy's. whoops.
4. sat outside.
5. drank a smirnoff and some beer.

Today, I:
1. havent done much. since its only 1:06 am.
2. smoked.
3. wrote in my journal.
4. am tired.
5. talked to friends on aim.

Tomorrow, I:
1. dont know.
2. hope i dont have a headache.
3. hope im productive.
4. hope to wake up at a decent hour.
5. hope to get plenty of sleep.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. fruit.
2. cereal.
3. a waffle.
4. vanilla bean ice cream (cant have this anymore!)
5. more of that either. haha.

Five Songs I Know All the Words To, Even Without the Music:
1. prolly every Jewel song.
2. most of Tori Amos.
3. most of Sarah McLachlan.
4. November Rain -GNR.
5. I know a lot of this is hard.

Five Games I Like:
1. solitaire.
2. rummy.
3. yah and thats about it. i hate games.

Five Things I Would Buy With $1000:
1. scanner.
2. cable modem.
3. gazelle
4. cherished teddies.
5. clothes.

Five Bad Habits I Have:
1. i bite my nails.
2. i smoke.
3. i like things to be perfect...but..
4. i put off things.
5. i am baby obsessed.

Five Things I Would Never Wear:
1. thongs.
2. bikini
3. anything tight.
4. high tops.
5. white pants..i would get them dirty tooo fast.

Five Places I've Lived:
1. pennsylvania
2. illinois.
3. north carolina
4. and thats it!

My Top Five Biggest Worries at the Moment:
1. money.
2. college.
3. what if i get pregnant.
4. where will we get stationed next.
5. weight needs to go way down for amiees wedding.

My Top Five Biggest Joys at the Moment:
1. justin.
2. my family
3. my friends.
4. my new computer.
5. cigs.
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