April 28th, 2002


ignorant and selfish people in this world...

get on my last nerve. I swear. I feel like I should pray for them, but then again I ask myself if they even deserve anything except for what they have been given. I know that everyone has their own opinions and etc. but damn some of these people cant even be for real! Its like omg get a freaking clue! I just need to stop reading the pregnancy circle on freeopendiary.com b/c ick! I loved that circle when everyone was sane and they were talking all about being pregnant and everything, but now ugh it can get annoying w/some of the people writing on there. I know its their "diary" and everything, but come on..how can people be so rude about something they dont even know anything about. There is this one lady on there that cant get pregnant, so shes like taking it out on all the mothers that got pregnant w/out any problems at all...saying that they are bad mothers and dont appreciate their children like they should. I can understand that she is probably depressed and mad at the world b/c of her problem...but why be mean to other mothers? She doesnt even know what its like to even be a mom (just like i do not) or what it actually takes to be a mother...and the kind of work it takes. I'm sure all of those mothers on that circle love their kids more than they love themselves..and im sure that most have made some mistakes in their lives..but you only learn from that. I used to be quite judge mental about mothers and how they raised their children..but when I met Tabitha that all changed, b/c I dont have a clue what so ever. I used to want to be this "perfect" mother for my children..but ive realized that..that is never going to happen...I'm going to make mistakes w/some things Im sure..but what I want my kids to think of me when they have grown is "she loves us so much for who we are and she was the best (in their eyes). I dont know..I dont even come close to knowing anything about being a mother, but I just feel its wrong to judge other mothers that are trying their hardest to do the best for their children. My mom worked her ass off for me, and to have anyone talk about my mother like that would make me freak out. haha. Oh, and another thing she was bitching about was "teen pregnancy"...there are some girls on there that are young that have a babies..but it doesnt mean they are bad mothers. ugh. I shouldnt get so pissed about something online. haha. I do know that there are some bad mothers out there...but you shouldnt judge someone as being a bad mother that doesnt appreciate their kids just b/c they didnt have to try a lot. I feel bad for people that have to have drug treatments and everything..and I pray that I wont have to go through any of that...but get real..you should be happy for the loving parents that can have children b/c you would know how blessed they are. k well this is just another rambling and it probably makes no sense. haah. xoxo
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