April 27th, 2002


building a mystery......

Yep. Its late and i am up. I had a cup of coffee tonight at like 9...so that would probably be why. I seriously needed some caffeine though. My back is hurting from sitting so long in this chair. ick. Tomorrow, is "amy&justin day" so he is making me an omelet for breakfast! yum yum. He's so awesome at making those. I dont know what we shall do tomorrow, probably nothing though since we have like no money. If anyone has any ideas of stuff to do w/no money then please leave a msg! haha. I would like to take a walk or something like that. What shall I cook for dinner tomorrow? I don't even want to think about that...maybe some spaghetti, we havent had that in awhile. I just wish he could eat spaghetti w/out meat in it. I hate making 2 different sauces...but I cant stand ground beef. I shall live I suppose. I need to get a job badly. I have been saying that for how long now? But I am seriously getting sick of looking at these walls and I think im going crazy. I'm going to be going to a lot of school activities in May with Amber..thank god. I get to go to the zoo again! yay. I love going to the zoo w/kids and seeing it through their eyes and how I used to view it...now its just like "yah..theres another animal" haha. I'm also going to be "babysitting" her class for an hour while she has this teacher bbq thing. Then there is the volunteer banquet which I shall attend and get another certificate! Since I am such a wonderful volunteer. I feel badly that I havent volunteered as much this year as I did last though..I have done things for her at home though. I should have done a lot of things in the past year that I havent done...i swear I have no motivation. I have no idea why, i guess its because my whole life everything has always been done for me...and ive always been told what to do. I would have never went to college if I wasnt told to do so..and it seemed like the cool thing to do at the time. The only decision I have really ever made on my own was to get married and they werent too happy about that b/c I was 19 at the time. My only really big decision, which really wasnt a decision b/c I knew..but it was the best thing I have ever done so far..so they were wrong about that one...and now they think Justin is like the best thing in the world. I swear my family is so weird about things. I cant blame them for anything though, b/c they love me unconditionally and have given me everything I have ever wanted. My mom practically gave up everything to have me...being a single mother and all. Shes had to work almost every day of her life for me. I wish I talked to her more than I do, but she has this odd thing about hating the phone. I feel more distant from her since I have moved away. We are total opposites in most ways. Well, I guess I will understand when I have children for myself. I am rambling on and on so I shall just leave!
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looked in the fridge this morning....

and guess what..only 2 damn eggs! ugh. Guess I should have checked on that earlier 'eh? haha. O well, no omelet for me. I'm drinking a cup of coffee though and I'm wide awake after a night of hardly any sleep! I hope I sleep better tomorrow night 'cause that sucked. I went to bed at like 3:30am and woke up like at 6 and then every hour after. how lovely. Yep. theres nothing to do today. Thank god we get paid Wednesday is all i gotta say.
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I want want want want......

so many things. haha. I want the world, but doesnt everyone? blah. So yah I decided to make a list. so here goes.

1. a new computer. b/c mine is sparking..and is eventually going to blow up. Its been good for 8 years now, I think its time to retire.
2. my hair done. which i shall do when im at home.
3. a tan. good thing its almost pool time.
4. my teeth bleached. b/c they are yellow and its gross...and it only gets worse.
5. liposuction. lol. im just kidding! weight loss would be great though.
6. another dresser. we need more room. too many clothes....which I hardly ever wear, but cant seem to part with.
7. a job. please just fall in my lap. haha.
8. my best friends wedding. bridget jones diary..b/c i love those movies and I need them in my collection.
9. i want that maxwell cd.
10. a cd burner on the computer would be great.
11. a lamp for the bedroom.
12. a new door mat.
13. a new photo album for the wedding pics.
14. a cabinet for my cherished teddies. more cherished teddies.
16. to go to a jewel concert would be great.
17. the gazelle. i just want that thing badly.
18. to move. even though ive grown quite comfortable here now.
19. college degree would be lovely. cant people just hand those out? haha.
20. to win the lottery..but dont ya'll? hehe. I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning
I think. :)

enough of whining and wanting. I know I'm already blessed for all that I do have..thanks to the one above. :)
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