April 24th, 2002


a lovely day

well..live journal is a complete ass at night so I guess I'm going to have to update and everything during the day, which I hate b/c I have this thing w/the internet at night. blah. I also hate my computer b/c its the devil as well. I need a new one. I guess its been pretty good for like 8 years now. haha its so old. Justin is off for the next 3 days. yay!! Now we will get to spend some time together. It seems like when he has to work I never get to see him since he works 12 hrs..and then is completely exhausted when he gets home. I want to rent movies or something...that sounds fun. We need to go to the beach soon, since we havent been in awhile. We havent been since last year actually. I just like to sit there and look at the ocean..its so pretty. Its one of the few things I shall miss about living here. I just havent felt myself lately..I dont know whats up with that. Im soooo tired and I feel exhausted most of the time and im moody. ick. Well enough for now, nothing important has happened I don't think. I'm ready to go home for awhile and see everyone. I know like after 2 days I'll be ready to come home..but it shall be fun. :)
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    i have that "blame it on the rain" song in my head. haha.