April 23rd, 2002


20 class A cigarettes.

oh another livejournal entry. how exciting! hah. I'm in some kind of mood today, yet I havent figured it out yet. I feel odd to say the least. I just ate a hotdog for lunch (the usual) and I feel quite full. Its probably all this water I'm drinking. blah. I feel much better today, just a slight headache..which came from sleeping too long I believe. I need to start waking up at like 8/9am..maybe I'll be productive then...but then again I dont really know what I would do all day except clean...and thats not too much fun now is it? hehe. I felt much better though when our friends were staying w/us, b/c then I had to get up early to watch Morgan..and I just felt better for some reason. I really dont have anything to write about..I am just amused w/rambling on w/myself. The bank account is almost empty again..need to get paid! I don't know where all the damn money goes..we had like tons extra this month and its almost all gone. Isnt life lovely? ick. I hate to waste money and thats what it feels like we have done. I didnt even get any shorts yet! But then again, I think I might stick to capri's this year and jeans..cuz I dont think the shorts thing is gonna happen. Im just gonna live in my pajamas k. I hate clothes for real. Justin went to bed last night at 6pm..so I was quite bored. He wasnt feeling well he said..so who knows. I don't know what im going to have for dinner and i really dont want to cook but I have to. ickkkk. there are also a nice lil pile of dishes in the sink. how lovely..they are just waiting for me. :)
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