April 22nd, 2002


my f'n head hurts!

yeep. im not feeling well once again. I seem to get better and then it gets worse again. How lovely this flu is. I guess its the flu anyways. My family keeps bitching at me about going to the doctors..but ugh its pointless cause there isnt really a lot they can do for a cold. I just need some cough medicine. These headaches are getting on my nerves...i know why I am getting them now though..b/c I stopped drinking soda..which leads to caffeine. just need to go get some diet coke or something, cuz i need that caffeine! I feel like i have drank like 50 glasses of water today..which is a good thing, but blah. I need some lemons. I need a lot of things. haha. Lets see...did I already write that Justin got "airman of the quarter" well if not, he did. i was so proud. :) He also doesnt even go up for SrAirman "below the zone" until May, so the worrying and being pissed was pointless. I ate 2 bowls of ice cream tonight, which was totally bad..BUT..i have an excuse. My throat feels like hell. :) My whole body hurts from working out..i just need to get past this part. I havent worked out since like high school so yep its painful. I must lose weight, there is no other option. I am very determined...mostly b/c I hate clothes now...and all I want to wear is my pajamas. Its devistating. Someone should have warned me about the weight gain when you get married. haha. maybe its just me...but then again justin has gained a lot in the past year and 1/2 too...I dont know. My head hurts too bad to even think about in depth right now. I shall go to bed now, b/c im starting to talk outta my ass. haha. night!
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