April 21st, 2002


I should be in a deep sleep...

because its like 430 in the morning. Justin has already left for work, and now I can't sleep. Its just lovely..ick. So hmm..whats new w/me? I just saw the new Jewel video..that was quite odd. I love the song, but I'm not too sure I like that video..its kinda wacked out. It just doesnt fit the song very well I don't believe. Oh well..I have been waiting for like a week to see it so yay i finally saw it!!! I have been spending much of my time outside...chatting, drinking, and smoking w/all the neighbors. Its fun most of the time but for the past 2 nights ive had a couple headaches...right after I was bragging to myself that I had not had a headache in like a month! I knew that would happen. haha. I did stop drinking soda once again, so it was probably b/c of that..i always get headaches when I dont have caffeine. I'm still somewhat depressed about our friends leaving..I find myself talking about Morgan a lot to everyone..which I need to quit doing..but its really hard when you miss someone so much. Its just going to be so weird b/c I just cant call them up and go over there like before...they are like 16 hrs away now! Justin and I went shopping all day Friday and I got like 5 new shirts. I tried on all these shorts and nope! I am not even going to wear shorts this year I don't believe. It makes me wanna puke I swear. Why are the shorts so damn short? I want to be able to walk and not have to keep pullin them down. I feel so depressed and horrible about my size right now. Justin and I have went on an exercise plan, which starts today. We shall see how that goes. I'm just changing my eating habits even though I really don't eat anything bad for me. I mean I do have to eat. Just no more soda! I have a huge problem w/that. I need a lot of water! and wtf is up w/this new Moby video? the song keeps getting stuck in my head!
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