April 17th, 2002


vanilla bean ice cream....

is what im eating right now..which is bad news cuz its like 2:30 in the morning. I don't think I should be eating this...oh well I have a list of excuses why it is okay this week. blah. So Shaun, Tab, and Morgan left yesterday morning and it broke my heart. Saying goodbye to them was awful..I havent cried that hard in a long time. I have so many pictures of them everywhere..so like I see Morgan every time I turn my head. I keep hearing her say "mee mee" (what she calls me) every five minutes..and it is basically killing me. When they left this morning I was so hoping they forgot something so they would turn around and come back and get it...just to see them one more time. I have taken care of and been w/Morgan since she was 3 months old..Ive watched her do everything, all of her "firsts" and Im going to miss so much...omg this is so hard..its so hard to even type this. I hate that its like they have been torn away from us...I swore I would never get close to anyone after I had to leave my friends...and look what I have done. I wish it was the first day I met them all over again...and I just want to hold my morgie.
:( Well enough of that..Justin is gonna be gone until Thursday..he got picked to assist the President of the United States (& Air Force One) in Virginia today..I am very proud of him and I hope he gets to meet him. So today if you see a guy on CNN in Air Force blues, w/2 stripes its probably my Justin!! This is going to look awesome on his EPR when he goes up for Sergeant next year. We still havent heard if he has gotten Senior Airman..below the zone yet..but hopefully! I will keep you all updated. If he doesnt get it I'm going to be seriously pissed b/c he deserves it more than anyone in that squadron. Anyways..thats about all. Amiee is getting married next May and I'm the "matron of honor" yay!!!! I hope I don't let her down. I shall type again soon!
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