April 14th, 2002


the menu tonight is??????

Well, it seems as though the party was a success even though some people didnt show up. We obviously didnt need them anyways! hehe. Shaun and Justin went to bed early..b/c they are such babies who need their precious sleep..but the rest of us stayed up and had a nice time..just talking and listening to music. I didn't drink much at all..I wasnt feeling well due to my nice little chest cold. It seems to be going away though, which is good b/c I cant take it when it gets really bad...cant breathe and I dislike coughing so much. Tonight I am making lasagna, which is usually good we shall see. I also made strawberries..yum yum. I don't think theres anything better than strawberries and sugar. sooo anyways..other than that Im seriously bored and livejournal finally worked!! Piece of crap wasnt working earlier..I'm so happy my Amiee picked a wedding date. I now have a whole year to lose like 100lbs so I will look ethiopian. yessss. :) enough for now...oh and I wish my friends would come see me again I miss them! eeeek. bye.
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