April 12th, 2002


the weekend events.

i havent been really productive w/my "journal entries" lately. oh well. I've been quite busy watching Morgan, cleaning up everything, and well in the meantime I have my time to sit..not to mention my computer has been a total jerk lately. We all (me, jussy, tab, shaun, amber oh and of course morgan) went to Red Lobster tonight and my my was it awesome. I had some drinks as well, so that was lovely. The first drink I had was quite gross so that sucked..good thing amber liked it though. I'd hate to waste a 6 dollar drink! hehe. Anyways..tomorrow we are having a "going away" party for them, which will consist of pizza and alcohol and whatever else may come our way. hehe. I hope they have fun. Im stressed about the house cleaning though...its so hard to keep up w/everyones messes..ugh. So...really I'm just spending as much time w/them as I can before they leave..im going to be a little lost w/out them for awhile. I know i'll be fine..but ive just grown so attatched...and this is one of the reasons why I hate the military...but i guess its just like everything that has its ups and downs..blah. enough for tonight.
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