April 6th, 2002


*~wedding survey~*

***I already had my lovely wedding, but I want to do this anyways!! It was almost 2 yrs ago :( I want another one!!!***

1. What is your dream wedding dress? my dress was exactly what I wanted...and only the 3rd dress I tried on. It was very simple w/lots of sparkle. The sleeves kinda went off the side (hard to explain) and it had a lovely little train.

2. Where would you want your wedding to be held? It was held at the church that I basically grew up in..

3. Who would be your maid of honor? Amanda was my maid of honor, and she did a very good job! It was kinda everyones "first" wedding to be in..so really no one had a clue on what to do. haha. it was crazy.

4. Would you want a limo or a carriage? we had a limo, but a carriage would have been kewler. hehe.

5. What song would you choose for the first dance between the bride and groom? we chose "when you say nothing at all"-Keith Whitley..cuz that is "our" song. :)

6. Would you want to marry someone smart, funny, crazy, or in general, a hunk OR someone like Pee Wee Herman? hahah. well i'd like to say I got the best of both worlds. Hes sucha dork and he makes me laugh every single day...and to me hes the sexiest man alive.

7. Does the size of the diamond ring really matter? well hell yah! hahah. Nah, I didnt even have a diamond when we got married, just the wedding band..but it has a lot of lil diamonds in it..i loved that just the same. He has since then bought me my "engagement" ring..i love it and im very glad that I waited to get exactly what I wanted.

8. Would you wear a lime green dress on your wedding if you were paid enough money? welp..it'd have to be a lot of money, but yeep. I'd do anything for money! haha.

9. If so, would you choose lime green pumps to match, or settle for the classic white heels to be somewhat traditional? well im hoping you wont see my feet..cuz eww. hate dresses like that. but i'd prolly match them, cuz white might look funky and i'd have slipper like shoes like i had at my wedding!

10. Have you ever been at a wedding? just a few.

11. If so, did you actually get to participate or just attended as a guest?
well. i helped amiee pass out lil thingies at her cousin scotts..and then I participated in mine.

12. What age do u think you’re going to get married? I was 19...I never thought I would get married that young..i always thought like 24..but i love every single minute of it!

13. What theme would you make your wedding? i went for the simple yet elegant look. :)

14. Do you think that having swan shaped ice as center-pieces may be a bit too much? yah. ick.
15. Do you think a blender or a toaster oven is a good wedding present? awesome present..but u only need one of each!

16. Would you attend an acquaintance wedding, even if you don't really know the person? of course..its a special day..i'd like to at least see it! I mean if it was someone I like never talked to I wouldnt...but if we were somewhat friends i would.

17. Would you give them a good present? of course. i love giving presents.

18. Would you be bitter if your best friend chose her cousin, whom she barely ever sees, over you to be the maid of honor? nah. I know how family works..i might be a lil jealous at first..but I wouldnt say anything..a bride has ENOUGH stress.

19. How many people would be in the wedding party?
there was a lot..7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, 1 jr. groomsman, 1 flowergirl, 2 ushers, 1 guest book girl, and 2 girls that handed out the other stuff (bubbles and wedding programs) we had a big wedding!

20. Any ethnic festivities being thrown in? hmm. nope. we had a candle lighting ceremony and then we gave our mothers roses..but that was it.

21. Who would give you away? my brother did. :)

22. If any, where would the overseas guest(s) be from? nope.

23. Would you have the traditional almond favors?
hmm. i dont remember if i had that or not.

24. Would you want a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter wedding? it was in Sept..so the leaves were just starting to turn...it was sunny and 70 degrees. perfect weather in illinois.

25. What month? September 15, 2000 to be exact. :)
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