April 2nd, 2002


sober as always.....

Well..last night I was an interesting night. Leland (justins friend from work) called us and asked us if we'd like to come over..which means really "lets get drunk" So we go over there...justin buys a 12 pack, and leland has his normal bottle of jim beam....So we sit and talk about random things..i go in to watch "the bachelor" (that new show on tv) come back out and leland is all upset again about his ex-g/f, which has been gone for over a year now. So we call her, which really didnt go anywhere..but yah know. I dont understand it. So i tried to cheer him up w/talking about Amanda...well that worked a little. Soooo time to go home. Justin was drunk and talking out of his ass practically. "i love you sooo much amy, i dont know what i'd do if you left me" and that kinda stuff..so we get to our apt..im ready to go to bed and then we sit for like another hour outside w/all our neighbors chatting about random things once again, mostly sex. I find out some interesting things every time I sit out there. hehe. So finally we get in the house, and justin calls his mother at 12:30 just to tell her how much he loved her and all this other shit. ....... so finally I go to bed. have weird dreams as always. and wake up w/someone that smells like beer. its always pleasant. hahaha. enough for now.
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grocery lists

hihi. today Justin and I went grocery shopping at the commisary, which is the military grocery store..if you dont know, went to wal-mart, and came home to do even more laundry. busy busy busy everywhere! Now, my clothes are sitting in thee washing machine b/c the ignorant people around here do not know how to get their lazy asses up and get their clothes outta the dryer! I just feel like going down there and throwing those clothes on the ground. ughhhh. pisses me off so bad. enough for now. i guess I must go cook some dinner. husbands are irritating sometimes. haha.

Ps: thanks Carrie for coming and reading my journal! I hope to talk to you soon!!
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survey of favorites....

**NINE THINGS YOU WEAR DAILY: undies, bra, shirt, pants, shoes, wedding ring, another ring, bracelets, make up.
**EIGHT MOVIES YOU'D WATCH OVER AND OVER: dirty dancing. pretty woman. little mermaid. spanking the monkey (not many people have heard of this one, but i love it). a walk to remember. when harry met sally. you've got mail. my best friends wedding.
**SEVEN ALBUMS THAT MATTER:welp. theres a lot. so i'll just put the names down, which includes ALL their cds. jewel, tori amos, sarah mclachlan, incubus, shakira, the beatles, ani difranco, steve poltz, jeff buckley, hole, ben harper, led zeppelin, enya, patsy cline, no doubt, mazzy star, grateful dead.
**SIX OBJECTS YOU TOUCH EVERYDAY: remote. toilet handle. sink knob. shower knob. computer keys. dishes.
**FIVE THINGS YOU DO EVERYDAY: wake up. shower. watch tv. get on the internet. clean this apt.
**FOUR BANDS YOU COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT: read above. i couldnt live w/out any of them. haha.
**THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS AT THE MOMENT: every jewel song on the new album, "underneath your clothes"-Shakira, hmm..dun know what else.
**ONE THING YOU COULD SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH: how about a person. hehe. justin...but if it was a "thing" it would probably have to be the internet. sad.
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another survey!!

**well im sure this gets a lil annoying for ya'll that don't do surveys..but it tis my journal now isnt it :)**

Top 5 songs:
1. november rain -gnr.
2. angel standing by -jewel
3. possession - sarah mclachlan
4. last goodbye -jeff buckley
5. 1000 miles away -jewel

Top 5 things people say that bug the hell out of you:
1. anything that has to do w/weight.
2. "your too young to be married!"
3. "u need to get a job amy"
4. "you should be in school"
5. "why arent u drinking?"

Top 5 things that turn you on about guys/girls:
1. his odd humor
2. that smile
3. the way he smells.
4. the way he looks when he wants me to get him something.
5. when we "wrestle" and he lets me win.

Top 5 movies you watch all the time:
1. back to the future 1
2. back to the future 2
3. back to the future 3
4. cocktail
5. urban cowboy
(b/c all these movies are on tv. all the time!)

Top 5 things people should know about you:
1. i will tell you what i think.
2. im selfish in certain ways..
3. i pray all the time
4. i have a lot of fears.
5. once you break my trust..i can never trust you again.

Five things on your desk right now:
1. cigs.
2. soda
3. remote
4. pictures
5. bills! eek.

Top five things you say the most:
1. for real?
2 omg.
3. yes i am.
4. i love you
5. pos

Top 5 things you do not understand about your own sex:
1. why do you like the "bad" guys..you cant change boys..get it through your heads!
2. why do girls do shit to each other on purpose..to hurt each other!
3. why do u want to look like the girls in the magazines..most of them are ugly!
4. why is it when your boy cheats you always go after the other girl instead of him?
5. why do girls say britney is ugly..when ya'll know shes a pretty girl and she actually has a body, not a size 1.

Random questions:
1. What was the best party you ever attended? hmm..there has been quite a few.
2. Are you usually the bartender, passed out in the bathroom, or the only one sober? well if i have to drive, im sober..if im drinking i'll prolly be puking.
3. What is your opinion on PMS? it exists most definately..and it sucks b/c i get sad w/it.
4. Have you found your "twin"? i've come very close. i have friends that have a lot of the same characteristics that i do..but not exactly.
5. Are you the evil twin? im not evil. im psycho.
6. What does your favorite bumper sticker say? hmm..im really not fond of bumper stickers..but i'll have to go back to "forrest gump" and say "shit happens" :)
7. Have you ever wished you had magical powers? yah, a couple times. will i ever wish that again? prolly not.
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